12 Sign You Are True Dog Lovers


Did you know what was the true dog lovers? So many people who have dogs as their pets, but few of them are a true dog lovers. A Dog lover is a person who is obsessed with dogs, could also be said as love at first sight when he/she met the dog wherever he/she is and whatever kind of dog.

So, are you a true dog lovers? Check out this 12 Sign You Are True Dog Lovers and find out are you a dog lover or not.

1. You are true dog lovers if you cook or provide food for beloved dog with a quality menu. In fact, sometimes the food your dog more than the quality of your food.

Cooking Your Dog's Food

2. When your friend's birthday? Surely you will send birthday greetings via social media using the photo of your beloved dog.

Dog Birthday Greetings

3. Always provide all your dog's needs including toys for your dog when you go to work, so they doesn't get bored at home.

Dog Play With Their Toys

4. Dogs dominate your home furniture such as sofas. You aren't forbid your dog to sleep on the couch or told him to move away when guests visit.

5. You are true dog lovers if you wouldn't hesitate to allocate more costs for your dog just to get better quality spa services.

Dog Spa ©www.thepawspapetsalon.com

6. People around you always think you always talk about your dog when you are with them, so you are true dog lovers.

7. You are true dog lovers if you always celebrate your dog's birthday annually.

Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday ©www.aplacetolovedogs.com

8. Immediately bring your beloved dog to the vet once find signs of illness in dogs.

Sick Dogs

9. Always buy special clothes for beloved dog with the latest model, especially during the holidays where you will show off your beloved dog to your guests.

Latest Dog Clothes ©www.popsugar.com

10. You plan a getaway to places that may bring a dog or populated areas also love dogs. Crossed out from the list of tourism destinations, tourism place that prohibit dogs roam or make the dog as fine dining.

11. You always assume they are member of your family.

12. You are true dog lovers if you talk with your beloved dog when they are nearby.

Talking To Your Dogs

Is there of the 12 Sign You Are True Dog Lovers that you do for/with your dog? If there is, you are dote your dog.

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