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Afghan Hound Dogs are also believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds. He also one of the oldest hound breed dog. Age breeds is actually much debated in every book by every author and every generation, but most acknowledge that the Afghan Hound history began about 8000 years ago. While the Long-Haired Grey Hound found in Egypt about 4000 BC.

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Afghan Hound Dogs are often referred to as "Noah's Ark Dog" by tribal hunters in Afghanistan. In the country of origin, Afghanistan, Afghan Hound known as a good hunter when confronted with that wild hunting, such as deer, antelope and white leopard. No other breed can beat exotic beauty and elegance like those of the Afghan Hound dog.

The American Kennel Club describes the Afghan Hound as an aristocrat. The overall appearance looks to have the dignity and charm without any breeds of modesty or roughness. His head is always raised high and straight forward, and his eyes looking into the distance as if remembering the past. The most distinguishing characteristics of this type is the exotic expression or eastern nuance, long and lustrous fur, unique fur pattern, very prominent hipbones, and his huge feet. All this makes appearances Afghan Hound to be as you see now, the king of all dogs, that has been a tradition from year to year.

Afghan Hound is a sighthound with a noble attitude. Tall and slender with long and narrow heads, shiny hair and strong jaws. The back of his head is quite prominent. Slightly convex snout with a black nose. His teeth should meet at the same level or scissors bite. His dark eyes shaped like almonds. Ear lies straight to the head. His neck is long and strong. High withers should be level and well situated abdomen, hip bones are quite prominent. Front legs strong and straight and covered with long fur. Tip of the tail slightly circular or shaped like a ring. Long, thick and lustrous feathers generally sandy, face and edge ears darker. Although all colors are permitted, but the white marking is not permitted.

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Afghan hound has a high around 69 cm - 74 cm for male dogs, while female dogs are usually a little shorter. The weight of the afghan hound is 26 kg - 34 kg.

Afghan hound characteristics was very dignified, sometimes like to be alone, but very sweet, loyal, affectionate and sensitive and do not like to dominate. They must be properly trained. Afghans often described as the "king of the dog". They have properties of noble, elegant, noble and courageous, have a suspicion but not hostile towards foreigners. They will be sad and tend to not want to eat if they're wanting to be noticed. They relate very well to children that are older and more understanding.

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Afghan Hound is not recommended for those who live in apartments. They tend to be active in the room and would rather play in a wide area. This race can live indoors or outdoors, but will be more happy to sleep in the room.

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