Akita Inu One Of Six Dog Breeds From Japan


Akita Inu is one of six dog breeds originating from Japan. This dog is a new breed of dog. About 100 years ago, they recognized as a dog breed. The Akita Dog has a great hunting ability. Due to the size and his courage, Akitas is a reliable hunting dog. Sometimes use to prey animals such as wild boar, Elk, and Yezo Bear in Akita Area. At glance, Akitas near same as Shiba Inu. The differentiates about both of them are the size of their body. Akita dog has a larger body size than the Shiba Inu.

Akita Inu Dog

The ancestors Japanese Akita Inu is Akita Matagi used to hunt deer and bear (Matagi). In the past, large dogs do not exists in Japan. Akita Matagi is a medium-sized hunting dog for hunting bears. In 1919, the Japanese government issued Law Natural Monument Preservation. The leader of Japanese dog preservation movement is Shōzaburo Watase. He went to Ōtachi city to study the possibility Akita Prefecture dog used as natural monuments. At that time, the Watase did not think could be a natural monument. In 1922, Watase Shōzaburo published a paper about the origin of Japanese dogs, especially about the Akita dog breed. Then in 1931, Japanese akita dog finally determined as natural monuments of Japan. 9 Akita Inu used as natural monuments, and has become local dog akita Japan was first used as natural monument. In 1932, the daily Asahi Shimbun carried stories about Akita dog breed a loyal await his master in Ueno Station, Tokyo. Hachiko did not know that his master had died, and kept waiting for his master that does not go home. Because the story of Hachiko, more people know about Japanese Akita Inu.

White Akita Inu

Akita inu height is 66 cm - 71 cm or approximately 26 inches - 28 inches for a male dog. While female dog high as 61 cm - 66 cm or approximately 24 inches - 26 inches.
Akita inu weight is 34 kg - 54 kg or approximately 75 pounds - 120 pounds for a male dog. and for female dog around 34 kg - 50 kg or approximately 75 pounds - 110 pounds.

Akita Inu Temperament

This dogs has a large body with good body balance as well as body proportions and stocky body. Akita traits is quiet, loyal, obedient, easily trained. But towards other dogs or other animals, akita dog breed can become more aggressive and may attack them. If there are other pets at home, such as a large fish, reptiles, cats or other dogs. You should be more aware and careful. Japanese Akita have an instincts as guard dog. They always tries to protect his family from the threat or dangerous strangers.

Akita Inu has that rough outer fur and straight, while the inner coat are soft and tight. The shoulders and the back of thighs covered with longer fur. Tail fur is longer than the body fur.

Japanese Akita Inu

Japanese akita inu has yellowish brown fur, dimmed slightly yellow brown with a black tip, like a striped or brindle and white. Unless White Akita Inu, all colors should have white fur on the inside of the nose, cheeks, lower jaw, neck, chest, body and tail, as well as the inner thighs.

If you live in an apartment, give enough exercise to Japanese Akita. This breeds requires a wide space and a spacious courtyard to do activities, because Akita Inu is an active dog in outdoors.

Akita Inu Picture Gallery

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