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Pitbull dogs or we can call him an American Pitbulls Terrier is a fighter dog from Ireland who brought by Irish immigrants to USA in the 18th century, and then pitbull dogs popularized as fighting dogs and reached its peak in the U.S. in 1800 after being introduced as the most effective fighting dogs by the legendary Pitbulls Kennel, The Gladstones and Colby. the first time be registered in the UKC, Dog's organization which established solely to handle the administration of Pitbull dogs breed at that time, the first championship was held is a championship for UKC Champion title in the Pitbull fighting exam.

American Pitbull Terrier Dogs

Besides having a ability to pull an SUV, pitbull dogs also had jaw pressure forces a supposedly claimed to achieve 1.2 tons. This dog breeds physical strength also fully supported by a high concentration that makes this breed became the first choice by coach protection dogs company in U.S. Apart from being good guard, Pitbulls puppies  often selected as a Christmas gift for kids who want a dog to be their best friend, parents entrust pitbulls to their beloved children because in addition to being a reliable bodyguard, this breeds also has a tendency enjoys their friendship with children, especially kids who love to play.

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Pitbull dogs known as jovial and barely angry even when children pulling their tails, riding it while playing cowboy, or beat him with a wooden sword merchants. Do you know why pitbulls was silent when harassed by a child? Genetically APBT carries blood as a fighter dog, a good fighter dog is a dog that can distinguish between aggression and mischief. So do not be surprised when they looks succumb when dealing with female dogs or young dog. You need to know, Pitbulls able to beat a mastiff within minutes. But basically Pitbull dogs loves to play.

Pitbull Puppies On The Edge of Street

Besides the qualities mentioned above, Pitbull dogs has a special quality that makes this breed so special than other dogs, this quality called gameness. Gameness is a dog fighting term that is still used to describe the never give up attitude, a high tolerance for pain, stable disposition, extreme concentration skills, and the ability to reverse situation, although practitioners of dog fighting is no longer emerging but pitbulls never lose his gameness, because the quality of the dog blood was kept fully only to preserve his gameness,without gameness an Pitbulls dogs can not be called correct.

Pitbulls coat color come with blue, fawn, white, brown, black and white, red, fawn, red brindle, gold brindle, dark brindle, black and tan. Their height is 14 - 24 inches, around 35 cm - 60 cm. Pitbull dogs weight is 22 - 78 pounds, around 10 kg - 35 kg.

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