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Basenji dog is a hunters breed originating from central Africa. One of the 14 most primitive dogs in the world. In North America, Basenji dog regarded as sighthound breed who pursue and attack any prey silently. Although it can be growling, Basenji does not barking, but can imitate the barks when bred with another breed that barks. Therefore Basenji often called The African Barkless Dog.

Basenji Puppies

Basenji Puppies

Basenji height is 41 cm - 43 cm or about 16 inches - 17 inches for male dog, while the female Basenji is 38-41 cm or about 15 inches - 16 inches. Basenji weight is 10 kg - 12 kg or about 22 pounds - 26 pounds for Males, while Females Basenji is 9 kg - 11 kg or about 20 pounds - 25 pounds. Basenji are small, looks elegant, short-haired dog with erect ears, with a tail that is lined with tension, and a soft neck. Some people equate the appearance of a miniature Basenji as a small deer. Basenji's forehead wrinkled, especially when the animal is young. Basenji eyes almond-shaped characteristics, which makes the dog look cross-eyed. Basenji dog has a short and smooth coat. coat color is chestnut red, pure black, tricolor / pure black and chestnut red, or mottled with black stripes on a background of chestnut red. Chest, tip of tail and feet are white.

The dog breed is intelligent and independent, as well as a challenge for owners to always their dogs create a variety of activities in order to are not easily bored. Basenji temperament is the breeds that alert and playful. However, the breed is not recommended for owners who are beginners or less experienced. Basenji dog has a tendency to become destructive if left alone by their owners for too long. Prolonged boredom led to the emergence destructive traits. Basenji can be a good friend to children, as long as socialized since childhood. Early socialization also prevents the emergence of aggressive tendencies with dogs / other animals. Basenji dog breeds including an energetic dog, so it requires practice. Daily walks rather quickly and require more energy is needed because the Basenji does have a lot of reserve power, as if it was never tired. As a hounds dog, this breed has amazing endurance.

If you live in an apartment, Basenji will be fine as long as getting enough exercise. They are very active when indoors and a small yard. If allowed to live in the yard / back yard, fenced, and the fence should be planted rather deep, because this dog is good at escape. Basenji are very happy when together with 2 or 3 other Basenji is in the house. Basenji dog will not fight each other.

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