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Around the 14th century, rabbit hunting is a popular sport in England. And hunting is usually assisted by a dog. The dog breeds used at that time is Beagle Dog. Name Beagle was taken from an ancient French word that means open throat in reference to the Melodious bay breeds (open throat that shows the dogs are barking like a melodious voice) Or perhaps from Celtic, Ancient England or Ancient French that means small. The word Beagle was not used until 1475 but later found the writing again in the 16th century.

Beagle Dog

Hunters often take the dog when walking. In the 1800's Beagle found in a variety of sizes, but the smaller Beagle dog or pocket-sized beagle a more popular. A dog that is about 9 inches often acted as hunter assistant in the field.

Beagle received first attention in the United States in 1642. They are often taken during the civil war. After the war ended, the British imported the modern Beagle. In the late 19th century Beagle is considered as a popular competitor in various exhibitions. This breeds then become one of favorite breeds in America all the time.

Beagle is a dog that looks like a miniature Foxhound. Medium size body. This breeds have coarse coat and contiguous so it can protect them from the bushes. Beagle has Tri Classic color (solid black saddle) often referred blackback, Dark Tri (brown mixed with  prominent black), Faded Tri (faint black mixed with prominent brown). These dogs have mostly white coats with patches of black and brown hair. Two-color varieties usually have tan and white colors, but some are colored lemon, light brown, red, red almost orange, brown, and liver, dark brown, and black.

Beagle Dog 2

Beagle Dog 3

Beagle ear mounted low, length and nice textured. Had large eyes, soft like a hound. His expression was soft with brown and hazel color. While the tail set high, lifted up but not exceed the backs with a slightly curved, short as comparable to the size of the hound.

Beagle height is 36 cm - 41 cm (14 inches - 16 inches) for Males dog, for females beagle is 33 cm - 38 cm (13 inches - 15 inches)
Beagle weight for males dog is 10 kg – 11 kg (22 pounds - 25 pounds), females dog is 9 – 10 kg (20 pounds - 23 pounds).

Beagle Dog 4

Beagle Dog 5

Includes a hound dog breeds the most welcoming. Beagle is a hunting dog that needs to establish friendly relationships with humans and other dogs. This dog loves to roam outdoors. Beagle temperament is an independent, gentle and wonderful. But he likes to bark and howl. These dogs are very friendly and can get along well with humans or other dogs when joining the group of hunters.

Beagle would be fine if you live in an apartment, as long as get many chance to play at outdoors. Because beagles dog are not active when they are in the room and in a narrow courtyard.

Cute Beagle Puppies

Beagle Puppy

Beagle Puppy 2

Beagle Puppy 3

Beagle Puppy 4

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