Belgian Malinois Short-Haired Fawn Dog


Belgian Malinois dog or commonly just called the Malinois are a very loyal dog. He likes to be a shadow from his master, whether it's at his master morning run, nor are sitting reading a book or newspaper, he always stands beside his master. Not infrequently he also likes to follow his master into the home or toilet.

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They are very sensitive, so very quickly discover the mood from their masters, who are happy, sad or angry. Malinois (read: MAL-in-wah) has a very sharp intellect. They do not like to put in the training, but in a positive way producing remarkable properties.

Belgian malinois characteristics appearance generally has highly balanced body, square and elegant. Usually the male is more beautiful and graceful than the female a very feminine look. Belgian Malinois are one from 4 types of belgian shepherd. Belgian shepherd consists of Groenendael (black, long-haired), Tervueren (long haired fawn), Laeknois (fawn fluffy curly) and Malinois (short-haired fawn).

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Belgian Malinois are sensitive family dog. They love to do anything for their master. They are not a breed that likes to be in cages or kept away from his master. They are also a very energetic dog. It is important to note that if you are not prepared and do not like the high activity level, you will suffer greatly. Malinois if not given anything to work they will do something by itself and usually that you dislike.

Many people say that they previously had highly active dog, but after having Malinois they feel much difference. Malinois are very energetic and devoted his energy to his master. So if you throw the ball as much as 10 to him, then he will return it 11 times.

Belgian Malinois is usually used as a agility dog, obedience dog, tracking dogs, Schutzhund dog, ringsport, police dogs breed and also search and rescue (SAR).

Proper training and socialization required for a Malinois because the desire working and belgian malinois traits to protect may cause him problems when not in directed.

The Belgian Malinois in Europe and America are very widely used for ring sports such as mondio ring, ring french and belgium ring. Also in specific community which trained Malinois dog are lifestyle. They are among the elite Club KNPV (Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging Politiehond).

Head should be neat and free from wrinkles. Looks strong but not rude. Belgian Malinois should have the watchful expression, intelligent and standby. Brown eyes, better dark colors. Almond-shaped and medium size. Stand upright ears and facing forward. Flat at the top of the skull, parallel to the top line of snout and not wide. Stop apparent but not sharp / deep. Tapered tip of the snout, snout should be black. Scissor bite tooth or flat tooth. Teeth should be complete and seem robust. Lips and gums colors should be dark.

Belgian Malinois height between 60 cm - 66 cm for male dogs and female dogs with a height 56 cm - 60 cm. Fur color are fawn / mahogany and black, sometimes chest colored is white. Short hair, straight and pretty rough to withstand the body against hot weather and cold. Having under coat but not too thick like the Golden Retriever. Fur at the head, ears, and lower legs should be short. At the neck, the fur is rather long. Fur on the tail rather long and thick. Fur should be tightly covered the body, should not be seen standing or hanging down.

Having quite a length neck. Lean body but clearly shows the strength. Front legs straight and has a rounded sole like a cat footprints. Besides foot or dewclaw nails must be removed. Nail color should be black. The hind legs have a fairly elbow, should not be too sharp as a Miniature Pincher. The hind legs must have strong muscles. The backbone a powerful and straight. The tail should not rise beyond the back line. The tail has a fairly thick fur like a German Shepherd Dog.

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Malinois dog will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. It is moderately active indoors and will do best with at least an average-sized yard. This breed prefers cool climates, but adapts well to others. Belgian Malinois can live outdoors but would much rather be with his people.

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