Bull Terrier Dog The Gladiator of Dog Breeds


Bull Terrier created by crossing Bulldog dogs with White English Terrier dogs in the 19th century in England. This dog was made to be fight dogs in era of Queen Victoria, but was banned by parliament. Originally, this dogs appears with white color and to be very popular in 1860. A few years later they appeared with other colors.

Bull terrier comes from the words bull, purportedly in Spain this dogs is able to fight and dropped the bull because of his agility and bite, the Spain king who watched salute and take the hat off.

White Bull Terrier 2

White Bull Terrier

Bull terrier dog has an egg shaped head when viewed from the front. The top skull is almost flat. This breed has a strong muzzle. Small triangular shaped eyes and dark colored. Her body contains and round, while the shoulders are strong and muscular. This dogs is often called the gladiator of dog breeds.

Standard Bull Terrier

Height is 51 cm - 61 cm or 20 inches - 24 inches.

Weight is 20 kg - 36 kg or about 45 pounds - 80 pounds.

White Bull Terrier 3

Bull Terrier

Miniature Bull Terrier

Height is 25 cm - 33 cm or 10 inches - 14 inches.

Weight is 11 kg - 15 kg or equivalent 24 pounds - 33 pounds.

This breeds has a dense coat, short, flat and harsh when touched. There are two varieties of colors recognized by the AKC, White Bull Terrier and Colored ones. The White is allowed to have a colored mark on the head. While The Colored there are black, brindle, black brindle, red, tan, and tricolor with white sign.

Mini Bull Terrier Puppies

Bull Terrier 2

Bull Terrier traits is loyal to his owner and very friendly to other people. Even so, it is advisable not to be mixed with other dogs or other pet. These dogs if not properly controlled will be very aggressive dogs and dangerous to humans and other animals. If you want to preserve this breed, exercise and strict upbringing certainly is needed by this breed.

White Bull Terrier Puppies

This breeds will be fine if living in an apartment, as long as they get enough exercise. This breed tends not active when in the room and cramped courtyard. Bull Terrier prefers a warm climate.

White Bull Terrier Puppies 2White Bull Terrier Puppies 3

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