Cane Corso From The Old Roman Molossian Dog Breeds


Cane Corso dog is native dog breeds from Italy. Cane Corso is considered very rare and known only in southern Italy before 1988. The ancestors of Cane Corso is "Canis Pugnax" the Old Roman Molossian Dog Breeds where the cane corso is a lightweight version used in hunting large wild animals and also as "additional troops" in combat. Cane Corso has become a valuable companion dogs of the Italian population for many years. In the past nurtured and are found in the province of Foggia and Ban. Besides being used for the purpose of hunting, cane corso also used as cattle guards and personal guards.

Cane Corso

His name comes from the the Latin word "Cohors" which means "Guardian", "Protector".

When you look at the Cane Corso dog, your first impression is that he is an athlete, reminding you to a wrestler named Greco-Roman. Cane Corso should be balanced with strong bones and big muscles. Cane Corso must always be vigilant, not cowards and confident. Cane Corso is a dog that has a function, he was bred to do some work of the combat up to herding, and Cane Corso should be able to display the ability to perform those jobs.

Corso Italiano, mentally is a very balanced dog so does physically, he should be confident, secure and vigilant. He should be the perfect mix of the combat stance, aggression, obedience, friendliness and curiosity. Assertiveness is the true mental strength of the this breed. Cane Corso needs a lot of socialization when he was younger, it is strongly recommended to combat natural hatred trait owned this dog breed to strangers. This italian dog will quickly have a bond with your family, especially with children, but as mentioned earlier, it has a natural hatred towards foreigners, so you better keep an eye on all the friends of your children are visiting and minimal rough play with this dog.

cane corso puppies

Cane corso has height 64 cm - 68 cm or approximately 24 inches - 27 inches for a male dog, while a female dog height of between 60 cm - 64 cm or approximately 23 inches - 25 inches. Heavy male dogs between 45 kg - 50 kg or approximately 99 pounds - 110 pounds, while the female dog weight 40 kg - 45 kg or approximately 88-99 pounds.

Italian corso have short coat, not plain, shiny, very thick with a little basic coat. And it has a black color, leading to gray, bluish gray/slate, fawn, dark red/stag red, striped brown/brindle, existence black mask on fawn-colored dog.

cane corso dog

Cane Corso will be fine if you live in an apartment, as long as it gets enough exercise. Cane Corso will be satisfied when the live outdoors provided they have adequate shelter.

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