Chihuahua The Smallest Dog In The World


Chihuahua breeds is the smallest dog in the world. Having an apple-shaped head with large ears and beautiful. The origins of this dog is still debated, most likely this breeds are from Chihuahua  Mexico or North America. This cute dog has a saucy face expression. This dog is not too captious, chihuahua breeds only barks when met with a stranger. Chihuahua are very suitable for use as an alarm dog.

Black Chihuahua Dogs

Black Chihuahua Dogs

Chihuahua dogs found in Mexico in 1850. Breeds that we know today originated from the cross breeding between Toltec dogs, Chinese Crested dogs and Techichi dogs. At the era of Aztecs, the Chihuahua be used as a sacrificial animal. Usually, if there is a Aztecs nobleman died, Chihuahuas also buried with the bodies of nobles. This dog breeds can be trusted to lead the spirits to heaven.

Chihuahua has a compact body and a bit long. His tail is undocked and not too long. Chihuahua usually has a tea cup tail (curved toward the backs), pointing towards the head and upright like an antenna. Apple dome cranium (apple-shaped), high-quality Chihuahuas have apple dome cranium. When viewed from the side, the skull and the muzzle has a 90-degree angle. cranium must be rounded when viewed from the front, not rectangular. Chihuahua breeds usually have holes called Molera on the head at birth and will disappear in adulthood.

Dark eye color, black or brown nose if the fur color white or light-colored. Chihuahua breeds ears stand up and formed a 45 degree angle when viewed from the front. Chihuahua must not have ears like ear Miniature Pinscher the straight up position.

As a toy dog breeds, Chihuahua has two types of coat, smooth coat and long coat. Both may mated to each other not like Fox Terrier or Dachshund should not be mated if different types of coat. Some of the mated of short hair can result in Long Haired Chihuahua and vice versa.

All Chihuahua coat colors are allowed. Solid like brown, black, white, beige, red, or party color, white chocolate mix, sable, striped, black and tan. Sometimes, of the mated between a black Chihuahua puppies may issue a white or beige colors.

Chihuahua Height is 15 cm - 23 cm (6 inches - 9 inches) and Chihuahua weight is 1 kg - 3 kg (2 pounds - 6 pounds).

Because of smallish, Chihuahuas are good for apartment life. Provide adequate space for a chihuahua, not because they are small, you keep it in a very small area. Chihuahua breeds likes warm weather and dislikes the cold.

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