Chow Chow Dogs Breed The Lion Dog From China


Chow Chow dog breed originated from China. This dog breeds is often called the Lion Dog because its shape similar to a male lion. Estimated that this dog has been around since 150 BC, used as a palace guard dog and hunting companions. Besides his fur, Chow Chow has unique characteristics that his tongue is black or dark blue. Chinese residents believe that dogs who has a tongue with a color like these has a very devoted and loyal to her master. So Chow Chow became the favorite choice for this country. Chow Chow is also known as fighting dog and utilized the meat and his fur by the Chinese population.

Chow Chow Dogs

Broadly speaking, Chow Chow dog breed has two types, namely American and European types. American breeds type has a longer snout and more heat-resistant for a longer snout shape. While the European dogs type has a shorter snout / flat and thick. Type of Europe have that more wrinkled skin.

Chow Chow dog has a compact body, necks muscles and bones a strong, medium-sized, swollen chest. The tail set high and lifted up to stick on the back. Glance looks like a male lion on the front because the fur is thicker. The top of the head flat and wide with a little stop at the border of the skull and nose. medium-sized and thick Snout. Chow Chow has a big nose, gums and Chow Chow tongue is black or dark blue. Meanwhile his eyes are medium sized, dark colored with an oval shape. Ear facing forward, small, thick, slightly rounded at the ends, and scissor bite. Chow Chow height is 46 cm - 56 cm or about 18 inches - 22 inches. Meanwhile Chow Chow weight is 20 kg - 32 kg or about 45 pounds - 70 pounds. There are two kinds of Chow Chow coat, the fluffy and the rough. The most common coat color is black, blue, cinnamon, cream and red, but can also be colored brown / tan, gray or white. Sometimes coat have shades lighter or darker.

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Chow Chow Puppies 3

Chow Chow Temperament

This breeds has vengeful temperament. Basically, this dog can get along with other dog breeds but if it had been in a fight so do not expect this breeds get back together with their ​​enemy. Even to their master, this dog breeds will not hesitate to bite if not treated properly. However, if the owner train the dogs and give strict rules then the Chow Chow dog breed would be that polite dogs, patient, and a very good family friend.

If you live in an apartment, given enough exercise to your Chow Chow dog breed. They will be less active when being indoors and cramped courtyard. Chow Chow like a cool place. They are easy to get heat and attacked overheat if do exercise in a hot place. Therefore, make sure Chow Chow dog has a shady and cool place.


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