Dachshund The Sausage Dog


Dogs with a long body and short legs are the hallmark of dachshund dog or Teckel. This breed has a variety of functions; canine companions, guard dogs and family dogs. In fact, the fisrt time this breeds of dog used as a hunter dog.  Because he has short legs so often having trouble pass through the bushes thicket finally dachshunds dog is no longer used as a hunting friend.

dachshund puppies

The ancestors of these dogs come from Germany. Dachshund and Basset Hound originated from a common ancestor. Although small and short bodied, Dachshund has a very courageous, he did not hesitate to attack animals larger than his body. Dachshund comes from the word Dachs that means Badger (an animals like squirrels that live underground and usually found in many European countries) and Hound that means German Dog. These dogs have extremely sharp sense of smell, he was very quickly aware of the existence of The Badger even though in underground. Dachshunds can easily browse through underground passageways made ​​by Badger because his body is small, short and long. Therefore, now the dog is very happy to catch mice. This purebred dogs are now also widely used by the police to assist in tracking prohibited drugs. In addition, this dachshund dog is also known as sausage dog in the around the world because his long body like the sausage.

dachshund dog

Dachshund dog size is divided into two types, Standard and Miniature Dachshund. Dachshunds have a body which is 2 times longer than the height. Males have between 9 - 11 inch height with a maximum weight 7,5 Kg. Females have between 8 - 9 inch height weighing between 6 - 7 kg.

Dachshund had 3 kinds of fur; short haired, long haired and wire haired and has color black and tan, red and tan, red, sable brown, gray, and daple. Now many discovered dachshunds with white daple colored and blue eye color. For dogs show, Dachshund required black and tan colored, red and tan, red, brown sable. Daple color not allowed to attend the show.

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Dachshund dog is smart, agile and courageous, persevering in work above and below ground, with all the senses well-developed. If the Dachshund has a shyness, this is a serious fault because the trait of these dogs are courageous to strangers. Dachshund is a agile and playful dog. Dachshund characteristics are easily trained, very loyal and a great guard dog.

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