Dalmatian The Black Spotted Dog


The origin of the Dalmatians breed is still unanswered. Evidence suggests that the Dalmatian has existed since ancient Egyptian era, it is seen in the artifacts were found where the artifacts are illustrated dog with spots on his body. In addition, some believed that the Dalmatian came from Yugoslavia where a man named Jurij Dalmatin is the first time breeding the Dalmatian. From the evidence and the story that developed, still it proves that the Dalmatians is fairly well known dog throughout the world with a spot on his body. The Republic of Croatia was recognized by the FCI as the country of origin of the Dalmatian. This dog breeds had been developed and cultivated chiefly in England.

Dalmatian Puppies 3

Dalmatian Puppies

There is one that is always visible from all of the evidence and the stories circulating in addition Dalmatians itself, ie a horse. From all available evidence, drawn Dalmatian always with a horse and chariots. Thus it can be seen that the Dalmatian will always be with the master and his horse wherever they go. The Dalmatian task other than as ornamental purposes, also as guard and pacesetter so that the a horse and his master reach destination safely. Therefore Dalmatians greatly appreciated because it has a high energy and never become weary.

Wide head and not too flat. Ear a little high and close to the head so support more visible compact head shape. Nose colored solid black on black spot. Dark brown color on brown liver spots. Sturdy jaw with teeth scissor bite. Having 42 pieces of teeth. Long neck and sturdy and seems smooth till to the shoulder and connects with a smooth topline. Chest is wide enough and deep, chest brisket reaching elbow forefoot. From the brisket till the curved backward curved regularly. Front legs straight and sturdy while the hind legs elbow and sturdy. Round, rough and thick soles of the feet. Nails are white, black or liver brown depending on the color spots. The tail is not too high and not too low. When running tail raised slightly higher than the topline line.

Dalmatian height Female are 54 cm – 59 cm or about 21 inches – 23 inches and male are 56 cm – 61 cm or about 22 inches – 24 inches. Dalmatian weight Female are 24 kg – 29 kg or about 52.9 lbs – 63.9 lbs, and male are 27 kg – 32 kg or about 59.5 lbs – 70.5 lbs.

Dalmatians dog has two spots colors: black and brown liver. Dalmatian coat with a black spot on the nose and toenails also black. And otherwise for a Dalmatian with liver brown spots, on the nose and nails should be brown. Eye color on black spots are dark brown color and on liver brown spots are light brown. The darker eye color the better.

Dalmatian temperament are Loyal and always protecting his master. Always wanted to be close with their master, and will follow his master wherever they are. They also like the children or other animals, but it still required surveillance from the adults, because Dalmatian is large dog breeds that has included a large force so is feared will hurt accidentally. Dalmatian are breeds with high intelligence, a quick learner and smart dog breeds, although sometimes they are a bit naughty with the command from his master. Always wanted to know about everything and quite alert with circumstances surrounding.

If you live in an apartment, Dalmatians dog is not ideal for apartment dwellers. Unless often taken out for a walk or exercise enough. Dalmatian very active when indoors. They need at least an average-sized yard to conduct its activities. Dalmatian not ideal for outdoor living with the cold weather.

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