Dobermann Dog The Breed Made By Human


Dobermann Dog history began more than a hundred years ago in the Apolda's Village, Thuringen region, Southern Germany, there lived a man named Karl Frederic Louis Dobermann (1823-1894). Many versions were written about KFL. Dobermann's, such as the day-to-day work, start from be a dog catcher,a tax collector, a night watchman,also a supervisor at the local slaughterhouse. However, regardless of the actual work, it can be said that the KFL Dobermann feel the need for a reliable guard dog to keep her company. Keep in mind that in that era the standardization and classification of dog breed are not yet known. So that it can be understood that in the breed, KFL Dobermann are more concerned with character than the physical form of the dog. Regardless of physical form, stud and sires used in breeding can be selected from the many dogs, provided it has the desired character and strong.

Dobermann Dog

KFL breeding dogs has many names; Gendarmen Hunden, Thurigian Pinschers, Bellings, and others. However, because of KFL. Dobermann dogs are also known to refer to any of the color black and tan as a "his dog", then the people, especially from the outside Jena, often using his name to refer to the dogs.

As the breed "made" by human, has a lot of work done to investigate the origin Dobermann. From there was born the various theories regarding the types of dogs that play a role in the formation of Dobermann. Many types of dogs that are considered as ancestors Dobermann. Old German Shepherd Dog, shorthaired gun dog (Weimaraner ancestors), Great Dane, old german pinscher, butcher's dog (Rottweiler ancestors), manchester terrier, greyhound, and beauceron often cited as instrumental in the formation of the breeds Dobermann. Although in 1933, club Doberman Pinscher Germany has stated that the ancestors Dobermann is short-haired old german pinscher, but these theories still have weaknesses and can not be ascertained. In Europe, it continued to repeal said the name of a Doberman pinscher, so the official name is the only Doberman,not Dobermann Pinscher anymore. Thus, the facts about the origin of Dobermann still mistery.

Doberman dogs breed is medium-sized, strong bodied and muscular. Because it looks elegant, graceful, and lively demeanor and a confident expression, dog meets the criteria for an ideal dog.

Recognized colors are black and brown, with colored marking "red rust" firm, clear boundaries, and clean. Marking is located on the muzzle, as a spot on both cheeks and above the eyebrows, the neck, the two points on the chest, on the pastern, hock, and paw, on the inner thighs, the anus, and ischium.

Dobermann height for males is 68 cm - 72 cm or about 26.77 inches - 28.35 inches. And the females dobermann height is 63 cm - 68 cm or about 24.80 inches - 26.77 inches.

Doberman weight for males dog about 40 kg - 45 kg. And the female about 32 kg -34 kg.

Board Dobermann looks almost like a square, particularly in males. Body length (from sternum to ischium future) may not exceed the shoulder height of more than 5% (males) and 10% (females).

Dobermann Dog 2

Doberman character is a friendly and peaceful nature, very devoted to his family and loved kids. Required to have the temperament and medium sharpness. Furthermore, it is also required level of irritation medium. Although the Doberman has a docile nature (Fuhrigkeit) and likes to move (Arbertsfreude) is good, his ability to work, courage and hardness should be supervised. In addition to his alert nature of the environment, self-confidence and courage also should get special attention.

Dobermann Dog 3

Gait / step is crucial to the ability to work and to physical appearance. His movements must be elastic, elegant, agile, free and dominate the space with the front legs swinging far ahead. Part hind legs kicked and punched, giving the necessary impetus. Front legs and hind legs move opposite as a couple. Dobermann Gait also demonstrate the robustness of the back, reinforcement and joints.

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Dobermann Puppies

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