Dog Bites Prevention And Wound Treatment


Dog bites more than 4 million Americans each year. Dogs are a good friend, but dogs are animals, and any time they can bite you. According Center for Disease Control, one in five people exposed of dog bites require serious medical treatment and most dog bite's victims are children aged 5 to 9 years.

Although many wild dogs can bite, most of the dogs that they know like a family dog pet or your friend's dog who often bite them.

Dog Bites

The right way to avoid of dog bites are:

1. If you intend to get a dog, choose a dog that has a good temperament.
2. As much as possible stay away from stray dogs that you do not recognize.
3. If you have children, you should never leave children alone with a dog, especially a foreign dog.
4. Do not ever try to tease dog who is eating or feeding their children.
5. If you intend to approach a dog do it slowly and give the dog an opportunity near you.
6. When dog suddenly became aggressive. All you do is do not ever run or scream. Wherever possible stay calm and move slowly away from it. Do not making eye contact with the dog, and do not ever show your teeth to the dog.

Dog Bites Clean with Water And Soap

If you are bitten by a dog, you can give first aid in the home by way:
The first is to stop the bleeding, use a clean towel to stop the bleeding.
The second, wash the bite area carefully with soap and water.
Third, use a sterile bandage to cover the bite wound.
Fourth, use an antibiotic ointment every day to prevent infection.

However, if dog bites deep enough and you can not stop the bleeding or signs of infection such as redness, swelling and pus. You better consult a doctor immediately.

The doctor will examine your injury, whether the bite is quite deep and damaging muscles, tendons, nerves or bone. Then the doctor will clean up some dirt, bacteria and remove dead tissue from the bite wound.

Dog Bites 2

Police Dog Bites

Police Dog Bites 2

Sometimes, deep bite wounds should require stitches to close the wound, but by stitch your injury, the greater infection risk . Wound closure by stitching depending on the bitten area, when faces are exposed the bite so the wound can be stitched to prevent visible scarring. Plastic surgery is often done when bite wound is very deep, very serious and cause a lot of damage.

Police Dog Bites 3

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