English Bulldog A Good Human Companions Dog


English Bulldog dogs one of the oldest dog breeds that originated in England, well-known as The English Bulldog. Formerly this dog breeds was kept as dog fights or fighters with wild cattle or bison. So the Bulldog is a aggressive also tough dog. Around 1835, dog's fighting is restricted by law in the UK, therefore Bulldog maintained and bred for a different purpose, they became a companions dog. Little by little Bulldog dogs were bred to be a good human companions, including for kids.

White English Bulldog Sitting With White Background

White English Bulldog Sitting With White Background

Currently, English Bulldog known as a good friend and faithfully family dog, not aggressive dogs anymore even though they looks scary. Bulldog is widely used as a symbol of courage and strength in the military and the national pride of British dogs.

Good English Bulldog is medium size with compact body, solid and stocky, wide muzzle and short, wide chest, stumpy legs. English Bulldog weight for male less than 30 kg and female about 25 kg. Have wide flat skull with "rose ear" ear looks like roses that is folded-in but its open not falling or stand-up. Wide and short snout with lower jaw and more advanced than the width of the undershot but turn up so that the two bottom canines are not visible when the mouth is closed. Their nose are black with large holes. Eyes slightly oval also dark colored. English Bulldog neck are short, thick also stocky. Backs top line slightly upward on behind or we can say their hips higher than the mid-back. This is because their hind legs higher than the front legs. Have solid and muscular body, wide in the front and then shrink at the abdomen and hip widened slightly. Pear-shaped body. Try to see them from above, their body will looks like a pear fruit. English Bulldog fur color is white, black, brindle,  fawn, brown with straight and short fur.

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Brave but not aggressive is english bulldog temperament. But their temperament is affected by various factors including ancestry, also how you training and socialization them with your vicinage. If you have English Bulldog puppies with kind temperaments, they are curious also jolly and happy to come up strangers and not aggressive if they held by the strangers.

Don't worry if you are live in apartment, English Bulldog is good on it. They will be okay without a yard, and wont be over-active on indoors. English Bulldog will be facilely chilly if they are in cold weather and will be troublesome dogs to cooling them off if they are in extremely hot weather.

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