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Not only humans who have allergies, dogs may also be able to have an allergy to something, for example Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) If you find your dog is exposed to allergic conditions, immediately contact your nearest vet. Different to most traditional DVMs, I totally agree if your pet should start to keep away from relying on a regimen of anti allergic drugs and antibiotics or anti viral drugs.

Many safe ways that you could use to relieve the allergy symptoms of your dog than medications when you and your veterinarian are trying to find the root cause of the allergic reaction. Eliminate the symptoms of allergies without overcoming the source of the problem would only curing in the short term and may become life-long health problems. And of course, certain drugs used to stop the cycle of allergy have very serious side effects are significant.

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Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) is one of common dog allergies. Flea allergy dermatitis, more precisely sensitivity to flea saliva is a very common condition occur in dogs. This is not a tick bite that causes most of itchy in dogs with FAD, the flea saliva is caused it. The Saliva causes irritation way out of proportion to real number of fleas on the dogs. Many dog owners assume if their pets are not infested with fleas, the itching is not always caused by fleas. But if your dog has FAD, the saliva from one or two fleas can make it pitifully itchy and discomfort for weeks or about longevity mortality of a flea.

And this is the advice that you can use to control fleas :

If you suspect or find out that fleas are a problem for your dog, take your time to combing the dog's hair at least once a day and comb every day during the season pest flea. Do this sweeping paved with a white towel or light colored fabric so you can see anything that falling from your dog when you brush. Flea dirt or actually flea feces looks like the actual dirt, but when suspended in a little rubbing alcohol or water will dissolve and releasing red blood colored which allows you to distinguish the real dirt from flea feces.

Bathing your dog as often as possible. Because bathe your dog made possible to kill fleas on your dog, and able to help cure the skin irritation and make it more comfortable and reduces itchiness in the skin also skin allergies. Also, clean pet are not attract the fleas. For bathing use non-grain / no oatmeal herbal shampoo.

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For some serious cases of dogs with flea allergy dermatitis, should give an oral medication called Comfortis. It is a chemical, but it is considered the least hazardous levels when compared with all medications used. All drugs does have side effects, but Comfortis were reported have less side effects than topical insecticides.

Thus brief explanation about dog allergy and the Flea Allergy Dermatitis. A healthy lifestyle helps you and your dog infected some diseases and allergies, therefore always keep your environment clean.


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