German Shepherd The Skilled Police Dog


German Shepherd Dog is a Germany working dog. Dog is most widely known and loved people all over the world. Sometimes they call this breed as GSD. The history and origins of German Shepherd was first propagated by Capt. Max Von Stephanitz. He is the leader and "father" of GSD. He is a man who has long admired the quality of various shepherd dogs, especially in terms of intelligence, strength and ability to work. In 1899, with his friend, he visited a dog show. On there, he was captivated by a dog that gives well courage impression, steadiness and intelligence. As soon as possible he bought that dog. Then he formed an association named Verein Fur Duitsche Shaferhunde or abbreviated as "SV".

german shepherd dog

Ahead of twentieth century, SV associations has developed into the world's largest cynology association. While Capt. Max Von Stephanitz setting up his long-term plan for the club he formed. From his analysis, he conclude that the use of German Shepherd Dog in actually means. Gradually directed according to the next conditions. German Shepherd Dog proved they useful to help finish the Country's task, as well as another usefulness. In World War I 1914, German Shepherd Dog did their country's task, as a helper and guard dog. After World War II, many Germany soldiers using GSD as a part of military dogs that going into battle as an impressive courier, spies, trackers dogs.

German shepherd dog training is easy because they are smart dogs, beauty and obedience, a dog that has all-round talent among herdsmen, guard house, a guide to the blind, and as police dogs or military.

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Dog Size

Medium size dog breeds, a bit long, strong, dry and well muscled, with strong bones that looks compact. While this is the standard size of the dog in the exhibition 60 - 65 cm and 55 - 60 cm female dog measured from the top widerrist (distance between the point where the neck and shoulders), body length should be 10-17% longer in height.

German shepherd dog body shape is very impressive, with a comparison of limb size is commensurate. It has beautiful feathers and resemble or give the impression like wolves, so it seems dashing and natural.

German Shepherd Temperament

Confidence, strong, balanced and very calm, neutral attitude and good behavior, except under pressure beyond the limit, other than that the dog should be brave to have a strong fighting instinct and strong nerves. All this is important is one of the requirements related as companions dogs, guard dogs and herding dog.

German Shepherd The Skilled Police Dog

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