Giant Schnauzer Dog from The Bavarian Mountains


Giant Schnauzer dog comes from a region in the South of Germany are used for herding oxen. As time goes by, farmers realized the better sides of Schnauzer dog that have the ability to work and has the high value characteristic. And it is believed that this breed comes precisely from the Bavarian Mountains around the year 1810. In addition to working breed is also used as a guard dog from ancient days. In the processing of beer as a sled dog and also as dogs that assigned to assist police work. Since 1913, this breed was registered on genealogy books, and in 1925 was recognized as the Giant Schnauzer types of working dogs.

Giant Schnauzer Dog

Schnauzer has a large size, powerful, solid and sleek. In detail, describe the full strength of the Schnauzer. This breeds is patient, always ready defending, accompanied by a graceful appearance.

Rectangular body, up to shoulder height almost equal to body length. Head length if measured from tip of nose to tip of the skull, will represent nearly half the length of shoulder if measured from the shoulder to the tail end.

Giant Schnauzer Height males  is 26 Inch - 28 Inch or equal to 66 cm - 71 cm. Whereas female height is 23 Inch - 26 Inch or equal to 58 cm - 66 cm.

Giant Schnauzer weight  male between 60 Lbs - 80 Lbs or equal to 27 kg - 36 kg. Whereas females weight between 55 lbs - 75 lbs or the equivalent of 25 kg - 34 kg.

The hallmark characteristic of this breed naturally is a good attitude and luggage, as well as temperament and loyalty to their owners that can be trusted. This breed is from the beginning a good physical has a structure, high intelligence, easy to train, has the power, speed, good endurance to weather and disease. Born ability to stay relaxed and high self-confidence makes it very suitable as a companions dog, hunting, guard dog and as a working dog.

Schnauzer Puppies

Schnauzer has a flexible motion step, elegant, agile, free and ground cover. Front Legs go as far as possible, the hind legs on the ground and bending, which produces a maximum move. Front Legs and hind legs swing simultaneously. Bone tissue of the back and joints formed strong.

Giant Schnauzer fur straight yet strong, hard and dense. It has undercoat that hard and the undercoat is not too short to grow around his body. Coarse uppercoat and long enough so that we can feel the texture of coarse and wavy coat. The hair on the body tends to be less harsh. Short feathers fulfill the back of the head and both ears. A typical fur characteristics is not too soft on the muscles and lashes thicker shadowing both eyes.

Schnauzer Dog

Giant Schnauzer color dark black fur, with fur lining in the black as well. Resembles the color of pepper and salt. When breeding Pepper and Salt color, that question here is A bit dark color spread evenly with a good pigment, color pepper with fur lining in gray. A bit dark color from grayish black up to silver gray allowed. In all color variations there must be a dark color vague, and should be able to adapt harmoniously to the respective color.

Credit Image : Dengie Dog Grooming

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