How To Care Your Maltese Dogs?


If you have Maltese dog breeds, and wondering how to care Maltese Dogs. Here I explain Maltese care procedures that have long hair. Maltese have no undercoat and have little or no tear stains at all if well cared. Cleaning should be done every day to prevent the risk of tear stains around the eyes, as well as routine maintenance is needed so that their fur not mutually binding.

Brush A Maltese

Combing and brushing Maltese long hair must be done every day, but it must be done gently because his fur is very smooth.

When brushing hair, spray a bit of conditioner such as conditioner is used as a rinse after bathing. Also can add a bit of coat oil into the conditioner. The way it is very helpful in avoiding hair that broken when we brush. Brush entire fur lining, do not just brush the top of it.

Clean the eyes and beard every day to prevent any dirt. Bathe or dry shampoo regularly and make sure his fur dried until completely dry after bathing Maltese. Bathe Maltese dog every 7 to 10 days. When bathing, use a shampoo for dogs, do not use shampoo for humans. Because the pH of the dog's skin is different from humans. dog skin pH around 7.0 to 7.4. While human skin pH is around 5.5 . Using human shampoo product causing damage to the Maltese fur, because human shampoos are acidic. Whitening Shampoo can help lighten Maltese hair but if the use of the long periods of time can cause dryness of the hair and lead to hair damage from Maltese.

Maltese Care 02

Clean ears and remove the hair that grows in the ear hole. fur on the head must often tied / made ​​crested to keep him away from the eyes. Some dog owners are usually short shaved hair on his head for easy and does not take time to take care of it. Maltese dog hair loss rarely or no loss at all and is very good for people with allergies.

If you find a mats, separating them gently with your fingertips. Brush it only lead to hair loss. Spray a coat conditioning oil to remove the mats. Pull apart the mats as much as possible with your fingers and then use a comb to loosen the hair Maltese. If the mat totally can not be separated, as the last option is to cut the mats. Attention, be careful in cutting mats, because there is a possibility that the mats can be very tight to the skin and you can cut the skin also the mats.

Never try to pull the entire mats out at once with a comb or brush. Maltese will feel pain and he will not appreciate what you did to him.

Hopefully the explanation I gave about how to care your Maltese dogs can increase knowledge about how to care for dogs. I hope you have a Maltese with a beautiful coat.

Maltese Care

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