Irish Setter Mahogany-colored Sporting Dog


Irish Setter is a breed that is not only popular in his native Ireland but also in England and North America. Irish setter dog first appeared at the early 19th century and in late of the century this breed was introduced in North America. Throughout 1890s, a superior breed used for hunting was introduced at the show.

irish setter dog

Irish setter traits is playful and elegant. These dogs require considerable activity throughout the day because it is included in the breed of sporting dog. These dogs are also very easy to train, so he understands specific commands he will remember all his life.

Although it was originally created as a hunting dog, Irish Setter is also very suitable to be kept as a family dog​​. His trait like a Golden Retriever, very hearty at all family members. Some people prefer favor the trait of this dog than a Golden Retriever because the dog is more calm, obedient and smart. In addition to having an intelligent character, these dogs also have advantages such as a sharp sense of smell, the ability to be trained as dog to work, agility, hunting, the ability to swim.

irish setter puppies

Irish Setter has a height between 66 cm -71 cm for males and 61 cm - 66 cm for females. The weight for male dogs between 29 kg - 34 kg, while for female dog about 25 kg - 29 kg. When viewed from the side, this dog looks very big and wide but when viewed from the front will look more flat. Its appearance is very elegant and graceful.

Irish setter characteristics has a long and slim body. Medium Almond-shaped eyes size. Oval skull when viewed from the top or front, and looks like a dome. Long ears, ear base position does not exceed the stripe over the eye. The nose and lips should be dark. Scissor bite teeth, in which the upper incisors fit closely with the lower incisors, or they may meet evenly. And bit high snout, almost the same length of the jaw, underlining of the jaw and nearly parallel to line of the snout. Nose black or brown with wide nostrils.

Irish Setter has a long neck. Bone neck slightly arched at the top so it looks like a swan's neck. Irish Setter has a fairly deep chest. The front legs should be straight with strong muscles. If you're standing, the front of the body as high as Dobermann.

The line between the chest and the belly is quite clearly visible because Irish Setter has that slim belly. Elbows back foot quite sharp and strong. Tail parallel to line of the back, should not be raised beyond the back line thighs or folded between the back. legs Tapered tail bone to the tip.

Irish Setters have long hair on the chest, legs, belly and tail. In the head and neck is not long. Irish Setter has no under coat so that at a glance looks thin and not fluffy. Colors such as dark brown, in English called mahogany and rich chestnut. Sometimes there is a little white on chest and fingertips.

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