Kintamani Dogs A Native Dog Breeds From Indonesia


Kintamani is a native dog breeds from Indonesia. Kintamani dogs are found in the mountains of Kintamani, Bali Island. Believed that Kintamani is the results of a cross between a Samoyed and a White Malamute. There others say that the Kintamani dog was born from the marriage between Bali "villages" dog with Chow-chow brought by colonizers from the Majapahit to North Bali Singaraja.

Kintamani Dogs 2

Kintamani Dogs 2

In 1981 a veterinarian named Pudji Rahardjo try to observe the presence of kintamani dogs and seen any type of dogs that is in Bali, the long-haired dogs like wolves, short-haired athletic dog, and dogs are a combination of both. In addition, there are also one of the dog cynolog came from the Netherlands, Dra Wenny E Groenewegen Ressang DVM, who accidentally following the tasks her husband in Bali and are interested to seeing the dogs in Bali. The combination of research ideas Pudji and Wenny Ressang are then fused and find something interesting about the dogs in Bali. Then both of these experts around the island Bali to take notes and observe the presence of dogs kintamani in Bali in 1984. Observations prove that the dog is long-haired and fluffy white dominated kintamani dog population in Bali. In the beginning the opinion of two experts, but they still got the disagreement try to express something they have observed. The opinions of the two experts began to unfold after they succeeded in proving that the special characteristics of the kintamani dogs was maintained and carried by his descendants.

White Kintamani Dogs On Green Grass

White Kintamani Dogs On Green Grass

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In the Netherlands, Wenny Ressang continuing observation and research on this dog with bring his kintamani dogs to breed and researched to produce the same phenotype with native dogs used as the forerunner research. The existence of kintamani dogs in Bali or outside Bali even outside Indonesia has received a wide attention for fans of dogs because the research conducted by Wenny Ressang. Kintamani dog now has spread many European countries including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, and Sweden. Also a lot in America and Australia.

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Kintamani Dogs entered in Breed Group 5 in the FCI grouping system because it has the characteristics of Spitz dogs and primitive types such as Chow Chow, Basenji, and Samoyed. Height Kintamani Dogs is 45 cm to 55 cm for male dogs and female dogs 40 cm to 45 cm. Weight Kintamani dogs is 15 kg - 17 kg for male dogs. While for female dog around 13 kg - 15 kg.

Fur color mostly specific white, bit of reddish with maroon color or often called beige color on tip of the ear, tail and feathers on the back of the thigh. Other colors are smooth black and tan with a black muzzle, pigmentation of the skin, nose, lips, eyelids, scrotum, anus and feet are black or dark brown.

Kintamani dogs traits are brave, agile, wary and suspicious high enough. This dog is a reliable guard dog, a good servant of the owners, loyal to their owners entire family and not forget the owners or caregivers. This dog like attacking another dog or animal that enters their territory and also scratching the ground as a place of refuge. Kintamani dog move freely, lightweight and flexible.

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