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Leonberger dogs is a giant breed of dog originating from the city of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This breed derived from crosses of Newfoundland, St. Bernard, and Great Pyrenees made by the German breeder Heinrich Essing.The purpose is to create a dog that resembled appearance a lion. Leonberger dogs has been owned by many of the royal family, such as Napoleon II of France, Queen Elizabeth Austria, Prince of Wales, Emperor Napoleon II, Bismarck and the Italian King Umberto. And then in the 19th century many were imported into Russia.

Leonberger 2

Leonberger 2

Such as many breeds of dog, world war almost brought this dog into extinction. Only a few remaining dogs. And then in 1945, the German army collect some the remaining leonberger and re-established breed. And in 1949 established the legal standard, then in the 1971s Leonberger dogs imported into the United States. This dog breeds is usually used as search and rescue dogs, livestock keeping, obedience, water rescue, tracking dogs, and as a companion dog.

This Leonberger is a working dog that is very large muscular. Rectangular head. Usually the male dog head is greater than a female dog. Somewhat dome-shaped skull. Has a black mask on the muzzle, and the muzzle is rather long. Big nose and black colored. Scissor bite teeth. His ears are medium-sized and triangular, flat hanging close to the head.Height for Males dog is 74 cm - 80 cm (29 inches - 31 inches), then Females dog is 61 cm - 74 cm (27 inches - 29 inches). The weight Males dog 59 kg - 77 kg (130 pounds - 170 pounds), while the females is 45 kg - 59 kg(100 pounds - 130 pounds). Leonberger dogs has medium and long coat, water-resistant, double coat, silky hair on the muzzle and legs. Outer coat long-lasting and relatively straight. Assisting flashy black mask, a variety of fur colors including all combinations of lion yellow, red, red-brown, and sand. Coat can be highlighted with a black tippings add depth without ever dominating the overall color. Nose leather, paw pads and lips are always black.

Leonberger dogs are often called a gentle giant dog breeds, will be excited, serious, and willing to please, respond well to training. Leonberger gets along with other dogs. Train and socialize the dog at the time of the puppies because this dog would be a very large adult. Teach your dog to respect people with trained not to jump on people. Not recommended for those of you who live in this apartment for a dog. Because this dog needs space to conduct its activities. Leonberger prefers cold climates.

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