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Maltese dog, as described by a Greek philosophy, Theophrastus is one of the breeds "Melita", in a name previously used for Malta (the name in the Mediterranean region). Maltese dog was developed in Italy with a mixture of blood miniature-spaniel and Poodle. This spirited little dog who first thought was brought to England by Crusaders (soldiers who took part in the fighting in the Crusades) from the Mediterranean. This species became famous, especially among women, who used to hold them and even sleep with them. But, not only with women, Publius, the Roman governor of Malta, presented a painting and even wrote a poem about his dog, Issa. Today, Maltese be a coveted pets and famous dog for show.

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Maltese is a small dogs that fits to be a companions. Sparkling white feathers hanging down. This breed has no undercoat, and the bristles should not be wavy or curly. The coat should be shiny and the length of approximately 22cm. Downwards close ears and the tail covered with fur up to the back. Snout is slightly tapered and have a third of the length of the head. His nose should be black and the nostril perfectly opened. His body should be slightly longer than his height with a balanced spine. This breed has a balanced and stable bone. When walking, a proportional Maltese, his coat will look like a white cloud floating above the ground.

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Maltese skull slightly rounded at the top. Ears that fall down is a bit low and covered with thick feathers. His eyes are not too far away, very dark colored and round. Circle eyes emit a soft glow at once wary expression. Medium length snout. His nose is black, the teeth should be flat, edge-to edge bite or a scissors bite. Neck Length enough for sustain the head.

Maltese has a compact body, solid, small. Height from the withers to the ground equal to the length from the withers to the base of the tail. Bones of the shoulder slightly skewed. His elbow is well located and close to the body. His back was parallel to the spine. the ribs Opened well. His chest is deep, waist section is quite strong, and well located. Maltese size of height are about 21 cm - 25 cm for male dogs, while a female dog about 20 cm - 23 cm. Weight owned by maltese between 3 kg - 4 kg. His tail is long and hairy looked so beautiful on the back. Tip of its tail upward.

Foot bones should be good and his feet covered with fur beautifully. Front legs straight, not bent. Strong hind legs and the knees and ankles forming a good angle. His feet were small and powerful, with fingers black. Uneven feather at the foot, preferably trim to make it look more presentable.

Maltese dog breed has no undercoat. Long hair, straight and shiny in all parts of the body. Upper Hair may be tied or not. Its fur should not be curly or textured like wool. The color is pure white. Light tan or colors like lemon on the ears is permitted, but not too desirable.

Maltese moving in a smooth moves, very easy and sometimes even look like flying. When viewed from single side, it looks as if running fast, because of its small size. When moving front legs move straight and free of shoulder disorders. Rear legs moving in a straight line. Cowhocks or rear legs should not bend in or out.

Maltese life span 15 years or more. It may even be up to 18 years, but you have to keep them away from damp areas.

maltese dog

Despite its small size, a Maltese dog seem to never be afraid. His trust and affectionate response to one of appeal. Maltese is a breed of dog that is full of passion and love to play. He is very gentle, loving, trusting and devoted all his attention his master. He is also very smart. If you train him a trick, like sit or shake a hand, he'll learn quickly. But, do not forget to give enough reward. This breed is also very brave and quick to react when they hear suspicious noises. He had become companions dog long ago, he is very easy to love. He is also very easy to adapt to other animals. This breed love to play outdoors and also have a tendency to jump into puddles or mud. Well, If this is the case, he should be bathed! If you have small children who like fun for your dog, whether it's pulling at his ears or the tail, you have to be careful. Sometimes this breed likes impatient, and a little bite. Sometimes they are very picky in terms of food. Give small biscuits and dry dog food to them to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Do not be overly protective of these dogs, because they can become unstable and be jealous of your guests. The Maltese is a good dog for apartment life. They are very active indoors and will do okay without a yard.

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