Papillon Dog The Continental Toy Spaniel


Papillon dog derived from France. Papillon is believed be one of the descendants oldest toy dog breeds that originated in Europe and was favorite breeds at the French Empire. The most famous owner was Henry III. Documentation of his offering to this breeds are included in his declaration to inaugurate Papillon dogs as noble kingdom dog while he served. Other famous owners are Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour.

Papillon dog has two variants seen of his ear type. The first type has the fall-down ears like moth wings so dubbed as Phalene (In French this mean moth). The second type upright ears that resemble butterfly in French is called Papillon.

Papillon Dogs

Papillon Dogs 2

Papillon dog should be white coat, with marking of some kind of color. Papillon is often found with black coat and white or tricolor. The most prominent of Papillon characteristic is wide ears, and on the edge of ears fraying with soft hairs, as long as it is not white coat. These hairs cover the back and front of the ear, which gives the impression like butterfly that stretched out the wings. Tricolor coat is black and white fur, with a bit of tan color on eyes, inside the ears and under the tail. While still puppy, coat most sprouting were around the ear, around the tail, and in all four of their feet.

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Papillon dog has a long tail, with a fraying coat, curved at backs with tassels coat form a plume. Slightly rounded head shape between the ears, a pointed snout and looks smaller than the skull with a steep stop.

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Papillon height is 20 cm – 28 cm (8 inches - 11 inches) for males dog and females dog. Papillon weight is 4 kg – 5 kg (8 pounds - 10 pounds) for males dog. And the females is 3 kg – 4 kg  (7 pounds - 9 pounds).

Although Papillon has the appearance as beautiful and graceful toy dog, but many people say this dog has a strong resistance. Dogs are often called the "Continental Toy Spaniel" was able to walk along the 5 miles (8 km), on the condition of the road is flat and well. Papillon dog most afraid of rain and the sound of thunder. They will refuse to be taken out, even though there are only two clouds in the sky, which may be no rain. The Butterfly Dog (other names of Papillon Dog) will always attempt to be a good host.

Papillon Puppy

Another Papillon characteristic is an energetic athletic ability and his intelligence. This makes the Papillon easy to train and they are very quick to learn. Papillons was created to always be active, have a healthy genetic structure and not be forced to distribute their energy to athletic activities.

Papillons is not dog for apartment life, although they can be a good city dogs. These dogs have a strong instinct to protect the owner’s stuff. Papillon dog will be excessive barking when sound approached them.

Papillon Puppy 2

Papillon Puppies

Papillon Puppies 2

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