Pekingese Dog The Miniature Of Lion Dogs


Pekingese dog associated with the existence Lamaist from Buddism in China which considers the lion as a symbol of glory or grandeur of the Buddha, Pekingese sometimes similar miniature form of the lion. This dog breeds are born later resemblance to a lion. In fact these dogs then known as lion dogs. During Tang dynasty came to power around AD 700 to AD 1000 many lion dogs is presented as king's gifts by the special servants. Smaller Pekingese dogs called sleeve dogs because they can be carried in the sleeve of Chinese masters.

White Pekingese Puppies

White Pekingese Puppies

In 1860 British-controlled Chinese Empire. At that time there were five good lion dogs were brought back to England. One of the dogs was presented to Queen Victoria. All that led to a dog fan so keen to keep so the demand of this dogs is big enough. But unfortunately the progress is rather slow. Now the dog is known as pets and dog shows.

Pekingese are compact and well-balanced dog with a large front and rear lighter. Dogs that come from China is an independent dog, individual and expression. This dog is more visible brave than pretty, or smooth. Top-skull massive, wide, flat and not formed domes. Top-skull high, wide cheekbones, jaw widened, jaw width is the correct structure of the face. When viewed in the frontal skull is wider than deep. Pekingese has a flat face. Nose black, broad, very short. Nostrils open. Large eyes, very dark, round, wide attached. Looks pretty, does not stand out.

Pekingese dog breeds has a very short muzzle and wide with wide and high cheekbones. Sideburns add oriental expression. Lower jaw slightly forward from the upper jaw or often called undershot. Lower jaw strong and wide. The neck is very short, and thick. Pear-shaped body and compact. Chest wide with little or no chest bone protruding. Top-line aligned. The base of the tail set high. Short, thick and large front body bone. Leg bones slightly bowed between the pastern and elbow. Elbow cover the body. Large front legs, flat and slides out a bit. Rear body bone lighter / slimmer than the front body. When viewed from behind, the hind legs look close and parallel.

Pekingese Height is 30.4 cm - 45 cm or about 6 inches - 9 inches. Pekingese Weight is 3.6 kg - 4.5 kg or about 8 pounds - 10 pounds. Pekingese dog full coated, with long outercoat, coarse texture, straight and stand while the innercoat thicker and smoother. Coat color is highly variable, sometimes even black. Coat color are often found on the Pekingese is red and fawn, so much like a lion. Pekingese who has a white mark in the middle of the forehead is preferred because it is said to be a sign of superior Buddha.

Pekingese is an adorable small dog breeds, very sensitive, very brave and independent. These dogs are very affectionate to his master. Pekingese Dog is a pretty good watchdogs. Because of its small body, be careful with Small Dog Syndrome and make your Pekingese become stubborn, jealousy, growling, excessive barking and even biting. Actually, that is not the true traits of Pekingese. Pekingese true traits can be trusted with children and even adults.

If you live in an apartment, Pekingese would be fine. This dog breed tend to be active when indoors. Pekingese dog breeds will conduct activities without a yard.

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