Pomeranian A Small And Active Toy Dog


Pomeranian dog is a toy dog that small and active manifold. This breed has a soft and thicker innercoat. Meanwhile, the outtercoat is bit rough textured, long and straight. Beautiful tail always stand and straight facing their head. These breeds are extremely wary, indicating a high intelligence, can show what he wants in a way that we understand and have a high curiosity. When he walks, she looks very pretty. This breed also relied upon as an alarm dog.

Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian weight is from 1.4 kg - 3.2 kg (approximately 3 to 7 pounds) but to a dog show or exhibit the ideal weight is around 1.8 kg - 2.7 kg (4 to 6 pounds). Pomeranian height is from 18 cm - 30 cm (7 inches - 12 inches). 

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian movement is very smooth, free, balanced and vigorous. He has good range on his front and a strong move on the back. Hind legs move in line with fore legs on the same side. To get the balance, his legs had to meet with the center line under the body. Fore and hind legs are not bent out or into. Fixed spine and balance and its outline can be maintained.

Pomeranian Dog 2

Pomeranian known for its double coat. Thick and smooth undercoat. While the uppercoat are long, straight and slightly rough texture. undercoat will hold and provides an easy to maintain stand their feathers and expand beautifully. Its fur is very thick on the neck, the front of the shoulders and chest forming tufts through the shoulders and chest. Fur on the head and legs tightly structured and shorter than which parts of the body. The front of her body, thighs, ankles and legs covered with beautiful fur. His tail are covered with long fur rough and spread in a straight line.

Pomeranian color are Black and Tan, tan or rust sharply defined, appearing above the eyes, nose, throat, chest front and all the legs and under the tail. The more light it tan will be increasingly preferred. Brindle, basic colors are gold, red and orange slightly spotted with solid black lines. White with other colors that spread white pieces.

Pomeranian dog showing a high intelligence and a cheerful spirit made ​​him the great companions dogs and show dogs also very competitive. Pomeranian dog usually easy friendly with other dogs. Teach this dog early age that it does not matter if the barking when the doorbell rings or when a stranger comes, but after that it should remain calm. This dog did not hesitate to attack a large dog, growling, biting, and excessive barking for trying to tell people what they want when they experienced the syndrome Small Dogs (Small Dog Syndrome) caused by the behavior of his master, where the dog believes that they are Pack Leader and not a human. To solve the problem given strict rules to follow, limits what can and can not do, daily walking with other dogs and herd you into which Pack Leader assertive, confident and calm, then this will result in a dog Pom a trustworthy, mentally stable and a friend of family fun.

Dog Pomeranian

Pomeranian would be fine if you live in an apartment and without a yard. They are very active if you are indoors. When in hot weather, try Pomeranian temperatures are not overheat.


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