Poodle The France National Dog


Poodle dogs is the France national dog, there are 3 sizes for this elegant and smart dogs. This dog has been known worldwide for her beauty and intelligence. Poodle believed to come from Germany or Russia, The Standard Poodle is the largest size that was created to catch prey animals that fall into the water (water retriever). This dog was created in such a way that they can swim and float in the water.

Toy Poodle Dog

Toy Poodle Dog

In Russia, poodle dogs are used as milk sled. After the Standard Poodles was taken to France, began to develop a smaller size called Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle. Toy Poodle is growing rapidly, European society really like this breed because of their good and looks beautiful. Moreover, the coat can be formed according to the wishes of the owner. These Poodle dogs are easy to train so widely used in circus performances in European countries. This breed became very popular in France and caused emerging name French Poodle, but the French used to call the poodle by the name Caniche, meaning duck dog.

Poodle dog has a black or brown oval-shaped eyes. Long ears and hang close to the head. Their snout is long and straight. Poodle dogs breed foot is oval rather small and curved fingers. His tail usual set and made high. Poodle dogs has curly hair and has several different colors like black, blue, red, beige, white, apricot, gray, brown, or parti-color. The very special on the Poodle is this breed is not having a change of coat like other breeds. Its coat is growing throughout the body to inside the ear hole.

Standard Poodle height reach 38 cm (15 inches) or more than that. Standard Poodle Weight for Male is 20 kg - 32 kg or about 45 pounds - 70 pounds. And the Female Standard Poodle is 20 kg - 27 kg or about 45 pounds - 60 pounds. Miniature Poodle height is 28 cm - 38 cm or about 11 inches - 15 inches. And Miniature Poodle weight is 7 kg - 8 kg or about 15 pounds - 17 pounds. Toy Poodle height up to 25.4 cm or 10 inches. While the Toy Poodle weight is 3 kg - 4 kg or about 6 pounds - 9 pounds.

Poodles are smart dogs, very responsive, cheerful, fun, and is one of the most easily trained dogs. Poodle like together with human and can be well socializing with other dogs and animals. They also are an excellent guard dog. But without the amount and type of exercise that right, poodle dogs could be timid and very sensitive.

Standard Poodles can be in the room as long as it was given enough practice. But they tend to be active when indoors. They will be fine if living in an apartment, but with the proviso getting enough exercise. A small yard will be sufficient if the requirements are met.

The Miniature Poodle is good for apartment life. They will be quiet when you are in the room as long as getting enough exercise. They'll be fine without a yard. Toy poodle is very good for apartment life and city life. Because they tend to be active when indoors. They like to lie down next to you and be more calm when indoors, although they like to play outdoors. Toy poodle would be fine if no yard.

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