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Pug dogs are maintained to entertain Chinese Emperors during Shang Dynasty (1776 - 1122 BC) in Eastern China, known as the Chiang Lo Sze or Foo Dogs. Pug's popularity spread to Tibet, especially many are maintained by the monks, and then brought to Japan and finally Europe.
Pug dogs are one of the oldest dog breeds and believed already exist in 400 BC. There is little debate about the origin of Pug dogs. Most researchers agree that the Pug originated from Asia, the descendant of Short haired Pekingese. Another theory says Pug is a hybrid of small Bulldog, while others speculate that Pug is a miniature of French Mastiff Dogs (Dogue de Bordeaux).

Pug origins can be traced to China, which many centuries ago believed be brought by Portuguese traders into Europe. The first time, Pug's famous in the Netherlands before finally reaching his peak popularity in the Victorian era.

Pug Dogs

Pug Dogs 2

Pug has shaped box head when viewed from front. Flat muzzle but not as flat as Pekingese dogs. Lower jaw slightly past the upper jaw. Round eyes with dark colors tend to be glaring. Small ears, not stand up and lie parallel to the upper head.

Compact body with strong front and back legs. When viewed from above, seen the rounded ribs. Curled tail touching the back and always lifted. The tail parallel to the back line. Coat not too soft and not too rough. And Pug dogs has straight coat.

Cute Pug

Cute Pug 2

Pug has several colors: silver, fawn, brindle (striped), and plain black. For silver and fawn colors should complemented with black on face and ears.

Pug height for males dog 30 cm - 36 cm or about 12 inches - 14 inches and then females pug is 25 cm - 30 cm or about 10 inches - 12 inches.
Pug weight 6 kg - 9 kg (13 pounds - 20 pounds) for males, for females dog 6 kg - 8 kg (13 pounds - 18 pounds).

Baby Pug

Pug traits is love to play, friendly, bit stubborn. Pug temperament tend to be naughty . Pug Dogs can coexist with other dogs because Pug has very high socialization traits.

Pug dogs is perfect maintained by energetic people because Pug dogs including dogs that very agile, playful and like tease the owners. Pug dogs are very spoiled sometimes near their owners but can be very independent and self-confident without owners.

Baby Pug 2

Pug will be fine if you live in an apartment. Pug tend not active when indoors and would be fine without yard. Because Pug could not withstand hot and cold weather, therefore gave Pug dogs a cool place with a comfortable temperature.

Puppy Pug

Puppy Pug 2

Puppy Pug 3

credit image : wikimedia.org, funnyanimalworld.net, hoskinspugs.com, tonyranieri (photobucket.com), all-wallpapers.net

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