Rottweiler The Rottweil Butcher’s Dog


Rottweiler Dog names taken from Rottweil, area in southern Germany. Several hundred years ago, this dogs has an important role in the journey. The wealthy businessman brings Rottweiler to accompany them on away trip. At that time, The dogs were known as "Rottweil butcher's dogs" is used to carry the money bag. Additionally, on the way home this breeds herds graze that the master bought. Rottweilers are now also used as search and rescue dogs, as guide dogs for the blind, as guard dogs or police dogs, and in other roles.

Rottweiler Dog

Ideally, the Rottweiler Dog has a medium to large bodies. His figure is sturdy, medium weight (not heavy or light), and have perfect legs (not too long or short). All parts of the body look proportionally and very powerful. Blend all the elements that made ​​the Rottweiler has greatness in terms of strength, skill, and endurance.

Rottweiler characteristics for male dog looks massive, larger figure and strong boned. While females tend to be more feminine, but it does not mean looking weak in terms of structure or another anatomical.

Rottweiler Dog 2

Rottweiler Dog 3

Skull has a medium length and width appear between the two ears. Outside line forehead is quite prominent, especially when viewed from the side. His nose is black, slightly widened, not too round, and the nostrils large enough. Upper and lower jaw strong and wide. Scissorbite teeth. Upper teeth cover the lower teeth with a very close distance. Medium size eye, oval-shaped like almonds, dark brown colored, and the lids close tightly. Medium-sized hanging ears, triangular, wide at the top. Ear strands falling over her head and stretched. The ears position slightly forward and close to the head.

Rottweiler Dog 4

Consists of outer coat and inner coat. Inner coat look shorter than outer coat. In the back sleeve section, the coat slightly long. Black with brown on the cheeks, muzzle, throat, chest, and legs. Right between the two eyes and the tail base was brown coat.

Rottweiler height for males dog is 61 cm - 69 cm or about 24 inches - 27 inches. While females Rottweiler is 56 cm - 63 cm or about 22 inches - 25 inches.
Rottweiler weight for males dog is 43 kg - 59 kg (95 pounds - 130 pounds). While females Rottweiler is 38 kg - 52 kg (85 pounds - 115 pounds).

Rottweiler Dog 5

The Rottweiler would be fine if you live in an apartment, as long as they get enough exercise. Because the Rottweiler will be relatively inactive indoors and a small yard. Therefore give Rottweiler Dog large yard to conduct activities.

Rottweiler Dog 6

Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweiler Puppy 2

Rottweiler Puppy 3

Rottweiler Puppy 4

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