Rough Collie Dog A Highly Intelligent Dog


Rough Collie dog comes from the Scottish highlands, this dog developed originally as guard dog and shepherd dog. According to history, Rough Collie dog ancestors comes from ancient shepherd dog. But the Rough Collie or Lassie Collie as we know it so popular in the reign of Queen Victoria in the 1800's. During his visit to Balmoral Castle in Scotland Queen Victoria was impressed by the lot of working rough collies. He brought home some collie to the palace cage in England. When in the palace cages, it is advisable Collie mated with Borzoi which received by Princess Alexandra Victoria son from Tsar Nicolas II from Russia. When Queen Victoria went to Scotland and bought Balmoral Castle, Collie became a symbol of status.

Rough Collie Dog

Rough Collie Dog

Many people believed modern collie dog breed related to the dogs named Trefoil. The more famous of the Trefoil was his grandson, Old Cocky. British dog was born in 1867 and became benchmark for standards Collie now. This type of crossing the Atlantic to America in the early 1900's brought by JP Morgan and became popular in America. Collie is divided into two models. American models tend to be more manly and more traditional for the British model. Collie England 2 inches shorter on the shoulders from the American Collie. Different faces when noted. Different types remain the severity of each type. Has always been a debate between the two countries which are more perfect Collie. This breeds of dog is described in lot of stories as heroes. There are dozens of books for children with Collie as main actor. So many stories based on the fact that the Collie is very loyal. He is known as loyal dog. Collie name comes from black face sheep called coalie (charcoal). They are used to help herding sheep and protecting the herd and his master.

Rough Collie dog names in referring to his fur. Collie breeds is not Collie without beautiful thick fur. There is also a Smooth Collie / short fur of the same standard. Long fur dangle at the entire body except at head and feet. Collie has two layers of fur, fur outer rough and straight. While the inside that cover smooth skin so the skin is hard to see.

Collie was a dog breeds with character flexible, active and obedient, wide chest shows strength, shoulder solid showing speed, and the face shows high intelligence breeds. Collie dog general appearance showed an impressive picture, each piece / posture is in balanced proportions. The rough collie temperament is a highly intelligent dog. Sensitive, mild-mannered, sweet, easy to train and loyal, it is usually good with other pets and friendly with other dogs. Hard body and muscular, with a length that is proportional to height. The ribs behind the shoulder complete with chest that areas. Backs supported by strong thighs and hips with a slim waist. Male dog as high as 61 cm - 66 cm to the shoulder and weighs 27 kg - 34 kg. While the female high as 56 cm - 61 cm and weighs 23 kg - 29 kg.

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Head is a important part, should be proportional to the size of the body as a whole, should not be too large. Tapered head and horizontally from the ear to the tip of the nose with a clear stop on the corner of the eyes, black nose, scissor bite tooth structure. The neck should be straight and muscular, with frilly feathers depicting conceitedness. Almond-shaped eyes with medium size. Rough Collie dog eye color is dark and not allowed any yellow circle. Eyes should be crystal clear, showing a smart appearance and expression of great curiosity particularly when the ears stand up and the dog is on guard. Ear size is proportional to the size of the head. Large ears generally can not stand, and even if the stand will look too big for the size of the head. A quarter section of the ear should bend forward. Muscular and straight front legs, back legs slightly bigger and muscular. The tail has a medium length, connects well to the body. Hang down when the dog quiescent, and top of the back when the dog excited.

Rough Collie have four recognized colors, Sable and White, tri-colors, Blue Merle and White. At Sable and White the dominant colors is brown with a variety from dark chocolate to light golden brown with a white spot on the chest, neck, feet and tip of tail. At Tri-color the dominant color is black with white and brown variation at this part of the neck, head and legs. For Rough Collie dog Blue Merle coat colors, variation bluish gray color with specks of black, white and brown on the neck, head and legs.

Collie dog will be okay in an apartment as long as it is enough exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and do best with at least an average-sized yard. Sensitive to the heat. Provide rough collie dog plenty of shade and fresh water in warm weather.


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