Saint Bernard The Swiss Alpine Dog


Saint Bernard Dog is more widely known that this breed was breeding by the monks in the House Hospitalized at Grand St. Bernard Summit in Switzerland in the 17th century. From the estimates that can be justified this breed were found between 1660 and 1670. These dogs are descendants than other breeds of Asian Mastiff dog breeds that was originally brought to the area by the Roman Army. Until around 1700 and it is believed that dogs St. Bernard used as a guard dog and friend to the monks at the refuge in winter.

Dog Saint Bernard

These dogs regarded as pets that accompany the monks to conduct patrols in the mountains to find people who are lost or trapped during a snowstorm. It is said that St. Bernard has intelligence in detecting storm that will happen in the future and moreover they have expertise in conducting rescue the obtaining of the monks.

At the beginning, the breed does not have a name and only known as a Hospitalized House Dog, Holy Dogs, Alpine Mastiff and Saint Bernard Mastiff. There is also a call as Mountain Dogs, Monastery Dogs or Swiss Alpine Dog, and some people call it by calling Barry Swiss Dogs as an effort to reward a dog named Barry der Menschenretter who contributed to rescue 40 people that were traveling during his work. And in 1880 this breed get a name as the Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernard Puppies

Saint Bernard dog breeds has great strength, high intelligence capability, sturdy and muscular. This breed was developed as a working dog and the first task is as a rescue dog in the Alps, then developed as a cart draft dog that includes agricultural products including as a sled containing milk to be delivered from house to house. With a very stable temperamental if they are among the people and other pets. Saint Bernard is the dog that is very reliable as working dogs. Currently Saint Bernard often found participating in Obedience Trials, Tracking, work order, draft test and pull load.

Saint Bernard height for male is 71.12 cm - 76.2 cm equivalent to 28 Inch - 30 Inch. While the female is 66.04 cm - 71.12 cm equivalent to 26 inch - 28 inch.

Saint Bernard weight for male between 63.50 kg - 81.65 kg equivalent of 140 lbs - 180 Lbs. While females between 54.43 kg - 63.50 kg equivalent to 120 Lbs - 140 Lbs.

Saint Bernard is the breed of dog as excellent family companions dog. Who instinctively have a character that is friendly, gentle, sociable, especially in maintaining and understanding the traits of children. However, Saint Bernard is not a dog that can be owned by everyone, because this dog has a great posture that is not easy to be controlled.

The Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard breed has two distinct varieties feathers. Which has short fur, thick, has smooth and rough fur. While The Fluffy Long or Coarse Hair varieties have fairly long hair, straight or slightly wavy. And the color of the fur is white with a slight red, or red with a slight white. And sometimes there are white markings on the chest, feet, tip than the tail, head and neck section.

Saint Bernard will be okay when in an apartment if they get enough exercise. They are relatively inactive when they are indoors or in a narrow courtyard. They can live outdoors but would much rather be with family. They have a low tolerance for hot weather, warm rooms, and cars. Saint Bernard can be sneezing and snoring.

Saint Bernard Dog

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