Saluki Dog The Persian Greyhound


Saluki dog is a Arabic native breed of dog. Salukis well-known as the Persian Greyhound, Gazelle Hound, Royal Dog of Egypt, Tazi. Possibility, Saluki is the earliest dog in the world. Saluki categorized as purest breed, possibly bred since 7000 years ago. Recent findings on the origin of Salukis is an ancient carvings found in Tepe Gawra, which is now Iraq.

Saluki Dog 3

Saluki Dog 3

Saluki Dog has a long, narrow head, skull fairly wide between the ears, not have a dome. Their nose is black. His ears are covered with long silky hair hanging close to the skull. It has a great eye and oval. Eye color dark, red-brownish (hazel) and bright.
His neck is long and lithe and muscular. Whereas deep chest and a bit cramped. Long legs, toes long and well established, strong and flexible. Long tail, have fur on the bottom with long silky hair, not bushy.

Saluki height is 58 cm -71 cm or about 23 inches - 28 inches. Whereas Saluki weight is 13 kg - 30 kg or 29 pounds - 66 pounds. Salukis coat smooth and silky soft fur, a little texture on the legs, the hair on the back of the thighs and sometimes with slight woolly feather on the thigh and shoulder. And coat color is white, beige, brown, gold, red, gray and tan, tricolor (white, black and brown) and black and tan.

Saluki dog temperament gently, friendly, very loyal and good with kids. Salukis sometimes likes a bit aloof despite being with their families. This dog can be a faithful attached to one person. These dogs are very sensitive and inhospitable to harsh discipline. They should be trained to calm, gently, consistency but firm. Saluki is a wonderful companion and quiet and could be a good watchdog. Although not aggressive with people, Saluki natural instinct is to chase and kill non-canine animals. Make sure you train obedience to control the hunting instinct of the Saluki. Be careful when around there are pets such as birds, hamsters and rabbits.

If you live in an apartment, do not have this dog breed as a pets. Salukis greyhound is very active when it is outdoors or yard to do activities. They will be less active when indoors. But these breeds have to sleep in the room. Saluki dog likes warm temperatures compared to cold temperatures.

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