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Samoyed is one of 14 purest dog breeds in the world. Its fur is thick, white, with a distinctive face similar to a wolves. Her shape perfectly erect, with a tail that curved toward the back. His eyes and mouth framed by a black line, asserted facial expressions were always friendly. Because of friendliness, this dog has a nickname smiley dog.


Samoyed dog name taken from the name of the people who live in Siberia. One of Nenet tribe breed these dogs to help their daily lives. Their dwellings were cold in Siberia is not a problem because they have very thick fur. This "Smiley Dog" holds a vital role in the Nenet tribe family. Besides herding reindeer and pull sled, reliable this breeds also keep their children. At night, this dogs made ​​life warm bed in the tent this nomadic tribe.

Samoyed temperament is a gentle, very loyal, friendly and pleasant enough, they love everyone. They will be friendly to everyone even to strangers. Because of his friendliness to strangers, they are not good as watchdogs even though he will still bark when strangers approach. This dog breeds is easy to adapt to the family and hang out with the kids.

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This breeds have a high intelligence and easy to train. Try to train him at an early age. Samoyed love to chew and will be very destructive if they are left alone for hours. Therefore, make sure you always supervise and provide adequate training. Be careful if there are small animals around, "Sammy" has an instinct to hunt smaller animals such as hamsters, mice, birds, etc.

Samoyed height is 53 cm - 60 cm or about 21 inches - 24 inches for a male dog. While female dog 48 cm - 53 cm or about 19 inches - 21 inches.
Samoyed weight is 20 kg - 30 kg or about 45 pounds - 65 pounds for a male dog. As for the female dog adalah16 kg - 21 kg or about 35 pounds - 50 pounds.

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If you live in an apartment, you can preserve The Sammy as long as give them enough exercise. Samoyed dog breed is very active when they are in the room or yard. Because normally live in a cold climate, they are not suitable to live in a very hot climate. Give Samoyed a shaded and cool place to prevent them from hot climate.

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