Shetland Sheepdog A Mini Version Of The Collie Dog


Shetland Sheepdog is one of the most popular dogs in the world. Shetland Sheepdog came from the Shetland Islands and was introduced in England in the late 19th century.

shetland sheepdog

Dogs are commonly called "Sheltie" is a mini version of the Collie dog. Shetland Sheepdog is very popular and liked by many people because of the beautiful with special working power. Many people believe that the Sheltie is the result of genetic processing Collie dog in order to get a mini-sized Collie dog. However, there are also reasons that if the Sheltie is not derived from the processing of genetic Collie dog, apparently just the same.

Although small size, Sheltie is a very special shepherd dog. His working power is excellent and Sheltie is an enthusiasts working dog. This dog used as shepherd dogs in European countries because the dog can not hurt the sheep with his bites, just to teach to the sheep in order to follow the direction from the Sheltie.

Shetland Sheepdog body like A Rough Collie. His thin body was covered by long and dense fur. Long skull and shaped like a letter V. Medium size eyes and Almond-shaped, the dark eyes color. For colored blue merle Sheltie, color of eyes are usually blue or silver is acceptable.

Height of male and female dogs ranged from 33 cm - 40.6 cm, while for shetland sheepdog weight between 6.4 kg - 12.3 kg.

Nose long and straight, black nose color. Three-quarters upright ears and the tip of the ears bend towards the front. Size of the long tail and covered by a thick and long hair.

shetland sheepdog puppies

Shetland Sheepdog fur consists of two layers; uppercoat a bit rough and long, short and soft undercoat. Shetland Sheepdog has several colors; black, blue merle, tricolor or sable with white markings, tan, white and tan.

These dogs are fit to be a family dog​​. Sheltie is very gently against smaller animals thereof. You do not have to be afraid if your toddler play with Sheltie because Sheltie will not fight or get angry even if your child hit it. Try to pretend to scold or hit your child, the Sheltie will be ready to defend your child even if you are his master.

These dog breeds seem a bit captious if they see a stranger and once in a while barking when he hears a suspicious noise. Sheltie is very protective on the his master or his master's property and children.

shetland sheepdog picture

Sheltie would be fine if you live in an apartment, as long as shelti getting enough exercise. Shetland Sheepdog are very active indoors and do not matter to him if Shetland Sheepdog do not have a yard to play.

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