Shih Tzu Dog Breed The Chinese Lion Dog


Shih Tzu Dog Breed came from Asia, especially Tibet and China. Once upon a time, this breeds of dogs kept by nobles and the king-queen of that era, but now this dog breeds spread of the worldwide from Asia, Australia, America, Europe, and even Africa. Shih Tzu dogs also known as The Chinese Lion Dog because their appearance and long bulky hair like a lion have.

Shih Tzu Puppies 7

Shih Tzu Puppies 7

This dog breeds are the result of cross breeding between predecessors breeds, including Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, Chow-chow and a few other types. So after decades of Shih Tzu generations experiencing this cross, then from this crosses Shih Tzu Dog Breed considered as a purest breed and then recognized internationally by Kennel Club since 1936.

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Shih Tzu Dog Breed has a small body with straight shoulders, and strong, and muscular. Wide front chest. The front legs are straight with strong bone and a large footprint size accordingly. Shih Tzu head structure are rounded and wide with full round black eyes, long snout about 2.5 cm until it stops in front of the nose. Undershoot teeth composition which the lower jaw more advanced than the upper jaw, but the teeth are not allowed out of the mouth when the mouth is closed. Ear dangle down, covered with hair and feels like a crown.

Shih Tzu height reached 28 cm or about 11 inches. Whereas Shih Tzu weight 4kg - 7kg or about 9 pounds - 16 pounds. Shih Tzu coat color is solid gold, solid black, solid red, gold white, red white, gray white, black white and parti-color. Black in the nose and eyes circle, not brownish much less red or pink. Long straight hair fell to the floor, sometimes slightly wavy but not curly. The tail according to the body, falls right in the middle of the back, high but not circular.

Shih Tzu has a vibrant temperament, fun, brave, smart, friendly and a extremely watchful guard dog. Because this dogs temperament are friendly, shih tzu dog really love besides their owner and they are generally genial with other pets. This breeds very sensitive with heat / hot weather, so make sure you have cold spot for them. If you live in an apartment, Shih Tzu dogs will be okay. But do not forget frequently take them for a walk to dispense the energy and enthusiasm. Not that being a house dog, they are happy to live in the house. Shih Tzu Dog Breed quite active when they are inside and outside the room.

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