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Siberian Husky including the dog breed that is not vicious, and too kind even spoiled to humans. This breed glance similar to wolves, might also expected to occur as a result of natural crossing. Siberian Husky is one of the arctic breeds, besides Alaskan Malamute and Samoyed.

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By the Chukchi in northeastern Asia region, this breed was developed as a sled dog to carry the load. In 1909, the first time a number of dogs were brought to Alaska to compete in the distance match across Alaska. And that's where endurance and running speed a dogs from Siberia is becoming known.

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In the winter of 1925, when the Diptheria fever struck the city of Nome located in a remote area in Alaska, dog relay team brought human life-saving serum from the Neana. Efforts with the heroic spirit from the rider and the dog is getting a national award. One of the riders, Leonhard Seppala, brought his teams Siberian Husky, descendants of the original imported from Siberia to the United States on the way his personal performance. When in England, he competed in sled dog competition and once again proved the strength from Siberian Husky who beat other local dogs. Then Britain gave recognition awards to the breed in 1930, and Siberian Husky Club was founded in America in 1938.

Siberian Husky traits is a delightful. He is very affectionate. Gentle and friendly disposition may occur as a legacy of the past, since the Chukchi preserve the dogs in a big reward. They're laying off the dogs in the protection of families and encouraging their children to play with him. Now this is very fascinating to observe how the Siberian Husky and the children belonged to each other. Siberian Husky extremely wary, fond of fun and easily adapt. Level of intelligence has been proven, but his freedom spirit challenge human ingenuity every time. His versatile ability makes him a matching friend to man of all ages on various favorite.

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When the ability to attract the attention of entire family was shown, he was no longer a dog for one person. He showed no fear of strangers and will welcome guests with friendly. It is not the nature from a guard dog, although Siberian Husky may not be realize like acts not know as part of warm-hearted instincts. In relation to foreign dogs, Siberian Husky show interest in suave and assume as a brother. If attacked, he is ready and able to defend himself and to face the attacks by killing. Predatory instincts in the Siberian Husky is very strong. When the Siberian Husky is normally friendly and welcoming with humans and other dogs, owners should be careful of the small animals that exist in and around the home, like squirrels, rabbits, birds, mice, hamsters and cats, are a potential victim from strong predatory instinct. They are fast, smart and patient in hunting ability.

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There is one character from Siberian Husky dog that must be considered. That desire to run. Many other dog breeds, when left in the morning, will sit on the fence all day. But not on the Siberian Husky. His legacy has blessed him with a passion for running, and approval was given to him with the ability to enjoy it without feeling tired. However, a run-off with jump on a crowded street can be a last run-off that enjoyed forever.

Siberian Husky height is 53 cm - 60 cm or about 21 inches - 24 inches for a male dog. As for the female is 51 cm - 56 cm or about 20 inches - 22 inches.
Siberian Husky weight is 20 kg - 27 kg or about 45 pounds - 60 pounds for a male dog. While for females is 16 kg - 23 kg or about 35 pounds - 50 pounds.

Siberian Husky coat consists of two layers and medium length, so it seems entirely covered by a coat, but never so long that obscures the shape of the dog body. Inner coat soft and thick, and with a fairly length to support the outer coat. Protection hair from the outer fur straight and lay soft, never coarse or stand up from above body. The thing to note is that the bottom of the feathers lost during threshing season fur is normal.

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Not recommended preserve Husky if you live in an apartment. Husky is extremely active when you are in the room and excellent when be in a large fenced yard. This breed prefers to be in a cold climate, therefore be careful when taking care Husky is in the heat. Give Siberian Husky adequate shade and air conditioning.

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