Tibetan Mastiff Dog The Guard Dog In Tibet Monasteries


Tibetan Mastiff sometimes referred as the Do Khyi have ancestors that very popular with the legendary stories that famous for their ferocity as a guard dog in Tibet monasteries. Mastiff tibetan acts as monastery watchdogs will barking to warn the monks if there is anything approaching the monastery. They are also serves as scary protector at home, farms, rural and caravan.

Tibetan Mastiff Dog On White Snow

Tibetan Mastiff Dog On White Snow


Mastiff tibetan requires attention and exercise to keep him to move. If not, they can destroy everything to eliminate the boredom. As additional to be considered, They are the breeds that has the ability to be trained from an early age and good socialization with humans and other pets. In addition to a relaxed demeanor, delicate, steady and faithful, Tibetan Mastiff dog also show an attitude of self-confidence, not friendly and always ready. For those that know this dog breeds, would immediately assume that this breeds is not the breeds of dog that can be maintained by anyone because he can also provide resistance to the his landlady.

In North America, Tibetan Mastiff used to be a guard dog, a shepherd dog dog and a family friend. And it is believed that one of the ancestors of this breed is the dog New Foundland, Great Pyrenees, Dogue de Bordeaux, Great Dane and many other dogs. Tibetan Mastiff is thought to have lived 3000 years ago, along with other old dogs breeds and still classified as rare dog breeds.

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As a high level intelligence dog breeds, they can adapt to different situations and be able to determine their own their activities even though sometimes less attracted to something that is already designed for their activities such as obedience or agility activities. Naturally he is a guard dog and instinctively his ability is an excellent protector at home. As said, this breeds is not a dog that can be owned by anyone, so if you plan to pet this breeds, learn their character first before taking it home, and ensure it was the right choice to be your selected dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff Height

Tibetan height for males at least 66 cm or about 26 Inches, while females at least 61 cm or about 24 inches. Tibetan Mastiff weight for males between 45.36 kg - 72.58 kg equivalent of 100 lbs - 160 lbs while females between 34.02 kg - 54.43 kg equivalent to 75 lbs  - 120 lbs. They have a quite long fur, thick and resistant to any season, with layered fur and black fur color, black and red, or yellow gold. Fur layered survive throughout the year with little experiencing loss, except in the spring depending on the weather, when the fur fluffy. The long duration of this loss can take up to eight weeks.

If you live in an apartment, Tibetan Mastiff dog will be fine living in an apartment as long as getting enough exercise. Tibetan very active in the outdoors, as much as possible give them enough room to move and Tibetan mastiff should not be indoors.

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