Tibetan Terrier The Holy Dog of Tibet


Tibetan Terrier dog, glimpse is similar to terrier dog breeds, but the Tibetan Terrier is not included in the Terrier dog breeds. Name Tibetan Terrier derived from a tourists from Europe who came to Tibet then remembered Terrier breed that there is behind his house when tourists sees Tibetan dog.

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Tibetans named this dog as Tsang Apso, meaning bearded dog from Tsang. Meanwhile some tourists who come to Tibet call it Dokhi Apso or outdoor dog. This is because the dog is working dog which most of his days spent outdoors. Tibetan Terrier or often called Holy Dog of Tibet can be used as a guard dog, shepherd dog, or companion dogs. Like most Tibetan dogs such as Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Mastiff, this dogs was originally also not for sale. This dog can get to the West because it was given as a gift.

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Tibetan terrier is a medium sized dogs, even though medium-sized, Tibetan terrier is a powerful dogs. When full grown, they are almost like a miniature Old English Sheepdog. His body was muscular and compact. Medium-sized head with strong muscles. The skull was not round or flat. His eyes large and dark. V-shaped ears and fell. His nose is dark, but there are also brown. His tail is medium length and fell forward from the back and curls on the other. Tibetan Terrier height is 35 cm - 41 cm or about 14 inch - 16 inch. Meanwhile Tibetan terrier weight is 8 kg - 14 kg or about 18 lbs - 30 lbs. Height of male dogs and female are equally. Similarly with weight, male dog has a weight same as a female dog. Tsang Apso has two coat. Undercoat a soft and woolly. Outer coat is profuse and fine but never silky or woolly. There were wavy, and some are straight. The rarest fur color is gold. There are also colored particolor, tricolor, brindle, as long as his nose is black and eye circle is dark.

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Tibetan terrier temperament has a friendly , sensitive to his master, and nice to children and adolescents. Because these dogs were used as guard dogs, these dogs are already accustomed to strangers. So it will not be aggressive or shy. Very energetic, smart and strong, thus requiring regular practice. Basically they are a loyal and fun dogs. But sometimes these dogs often feel jealous, thus making it difficult to coexist with other pets.

If you live in an apartment, Tibetan terrier will be fine. As long as they get enough exercise. They are not active when you are in the room and in a narrow courtyard. Therefore, provide Tibetan terrier a wide places to conduct his activities.

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