Top 5 Cutest Dog Breeds All Over The World


Top 5 cutest dog breeds all over the world. It's time to adopt a dog. There are so many dog breeds that you can maintain. But this time I'll give a list of cutest dog breeds that exist throughout the world. That may help you repel stress with activities in the world by seeing the cuteness of this dog.

Japanese Akita Inu Puppies Cutest Dog Breeds

Japanese Akita Inu Puppies

The first of top 5 cutest dog breeds all over the world is Japanese Akita Inu. If you know or you ever watched movie "Hachiko" , the dogs name hachiko on that movie is Akita dog breeds. Akita inu is a big spitz dogs breed have its origin from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. Japanese Akita have 61 cm - 66 cm / 24 inches - 26 inches for male and female dogs. A male japanese akita weight is 34 kg - 54 kg / 75 pounds - 120 pounds and for female japanese akita is around 34 kg - 50 kg / 75 pounds - 110 pounds.

The second of top 5 cutest dog breeds all over the world is Pomeranian. Pomeranian or we can call a Pom or Pom Pom is a dog breeds of the Spitz type. The small cute pomeranian dogs classed is toy dogs because they are small. Pomeranians have a thick double coat and its not difficult to grooming them, owners suggest that it be done daily to take care of the quality of the pomeranian coat and because of its thickness and the continual shedding, with trimming every 1 or 2 months.

The third cutest dog breeds is Poodle. Poodle have three types, Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle (some people call Medium Poodle). The poodle is skillful dog in many dog sports, such as observance, dexterity, herding, and even tracking. Poodles have either a compact colored or particolored coat. This dog breeds have a broad diversity of coloring, such as white, black, brown, parti, silver, grey, silver beige, apricot, red, cream, sable, and patterns like phantom and brindle.

The fourth is Maltese. Maltese is a cute small dog breeds in the toy group dogs. They descended from dogs derived from the Central Mediterranean Area. The appearance of maltese is slightly rounded skulls with black button nose and brown eyes. And the coat colors is pure white.

The fifth cutest dog breeds Basset Hound. The Basset Hound is a breed of dog on the hound family with short legs. Their sense of smell for tracking is second ranked after the Bloodhound. This breeds have smooth, short and close coat with colors generally black, white and tan / tri-colors or tan / lemon and white / bi-colors.

Actually there are a lot of breeds of dogs that have cuteness aside the above list. We hope that the list of the top 5 cutest dog breeds can help you choose for your perfect dogs to maintained. If you do not find on the list above, please come to the local animal shelter to get a dogs breed that is perfect for you.

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