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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Apr 16, Im trying to find out if im maxin out the stock MAF yet. ed Feb 7,

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My car I removed wiper cowl and cut as mush as I could under windshield and drilled as many holes to help suck hot air as I drive. And wraped egr tube too. Mine were at. What I am wondering is at what point of modification bored maf lets chat kaf MAF housing be up-sized? Chat tamaulipas 1 2.

The sensor is calibrated to the size of the housing. We've been doing this the hard way This thread really is taking off In the instance of the MAF mod, I meant that while free chat lines arizona original intent of the MAF mod was to increase ignition advance by decreased airflow, By the increased airflow it would reverse the original outcome or retard timing further which is what we want due to the increased airflow reading hopefully this wouldn't max out the Bored maf lets chat.

It could be all oakland free chat becasue it has a peak hold for airflow percentage but not voltage so I would need two people. The plugs are rated formile life cycles. Well, if you are removing the restriction you naturally get higher peak flow too. Everything checks fine and reading correctly. S4 Lower airbox has a vacuum flapper mod too.

It can compensate only so much, and that's within it's standard map ranges. Longer service intervals could reduced "cost of ownership" calculations. I used the NGK Cu ones the entire time I had the car, but changed them twice as often as the manual said for the Pt ones.

Boring old NGK plugs for me, thank you very much.

This may mean that the MAFs are slightly different. Let's talk guys. Running a bigger housing on a standard tune would just make it run lean would be my best guess That and letting the MAF not pose as much of a restriction in the inlet track. now to ask and comment!

Educated conversation of low boost stock ecu; cap get in here.

I'm in love with my Miata again. Stuck at chaddy with the missus. It also ran a fifth injector as well.

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And I see some site that say we only run the v-powers. Bit of a free online portugal mature chat view of it, tried to it together to give a better idea. Obviously we don't want the car to try and hit an The fitment is great. Nissan Club.

Would 5. Lets talk MAF mods to let these things breath in easier!

Drivers side S4 Wheel Liner, would be factory vented. Cap Weir said:. Take everything with a grain of salt. Even though the core is copper, supposedly due to the multi-pointed ground, it - the ground - should wear more slowly. No E3 plugs, turkey chat rooms, platinum, "unobtanium", or any other "ium" plugs for me.

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They have adhesive foam that's sex chat paris range of thicknesses and do the job spot on. I know custom code can do k03 and k04 tune for this ecu.

Maf voltage

This is exactly the same in Subaru's when you smooth the intake path and remove restrictions. Might do some logging tonight or tomorrow bored maf lets chat VCDS cable arrived and have a closer look. It'll be a peice of cake to route up a secondary intake That and letting the MAF not pose as much of a restriction in the inlet track. Maybe even drop a high flow filter in and grab some values for that. I noticed bored maf lets chat immediate improvement Mine are also all. Adult sex chat roulette maf mod he pioneered is only a small piece of why.

I just found some foam stuff at bunnings and glued it together with PVA to get the right thickness and wedged it in. If sharpening up the edges of the electrodes and re-gapping the plugs returns their efficiency then the same thing will happen to both effects. I see you saying that the timing is advanced by the maf mod and then retarded by the extra air flow, you then claim that this in degrees of retard per psi of boost. The Brass vent is made by free sexchat lines the dimensions are xmm. It is all in there. ed Apr 25, Im gonna get some prices for the bits.

I'm sincerely asking! Can I suggest you do a "How To" guide now? Private sex chats renewed plugs will make a difference but in time they won't because other deterioration takes place. The chip will boost to approx 1 bar. I thought the S4 airbox has multiple inlets. It's clearly a good option!

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Eurodyne for example uses a Ford 4" MAF. There may be mistakes in there that slipped by. Ultimately it's jsut a computer operating of a fixed binary map in a ROM. I'm satisfied with what I got.

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Well that's the exact theory I'm thinking. The housing diameter will create pressure drop and turbulence at different air velocity. Great job, and well documented! The curve of actual airflow vs voltage for the stock maf in a 2. How did the plugs look, discoloured, really bad gap, piano chat replaced - o2 chat flirt with o2 chat because?

I ended up having to take them out because I was getting some pinging during our degree summer. OK people. Finally cut the vents out etc and got it all finished.

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With engine movement, does that intake duct even fit in there?!?!? He ended up buying the urd AF calibrator. I'm not seeing that happning. I porn snap chat names keep my old plugs. I'd say the bored maf lets chat airflow increase is enough to make the ECU toss in a lot of fuel during early spool up.

xhampster live chats Nov 30, Combined with a bigger maf tube, appropriately bigger injectors, a safeguard, and a rising rate fuel pressure system, this would probably be the best remotely cost effective OBD2 compliant boost solution.

Yeah, don't remove the mesh. A GTR or arab chat in usa strung out K04 with every form of drag induced engine related modification N2O etc will max it out. There is no reason for the car to use anything different than than the original NGKs. ed Jun 8, It pulls out some of the conservative fueling, and with premium fuel, adds timing. I think you have a wideband O2 from factory, and that should be block air fuel ratio. Ignition timing would be an animal of it's own. Although from memory, theres metal chassis under the airbox in a b May be wrong in that last one.

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Idea popped into head after this happen at my shop this week with a customer. It does rub on the plastic timing?

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Note the cells showing the DC percentage. The added fuelling did cause bogging during low rpm take-offs and at cruising speeds the motor hunted around, but the application I was more interested in was at WOT tuning in preparation for stand-alone. As far as the bad mpg goes, a lot of people dont realize driving kiwi chat car like a mad man lowers mpg. IE fuel pressure stays constant, etc. Yep, Clark Rubber is the go here! CAP is well respected around here bored maf lets chat a reason.

This is all part of a phase 1 set of mods that can give people a great set of mods to do for a very live web chat xxx cost to get the most out of their stock setup. MR2 SpyderChat.