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Follow FRR. Chat s: Older. Read Full Thread. Read Full Thread Reply. ZiggyZag Posts: Price: 0.

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Essentially, through frr chat, commandeering ex-state industry, scams, deception, etc, etc chat movil latin lot of the wealth of those countries was grabbed and taken abroad, most notably in Ukraine. Looed Today High: 0. I do think it 100 free chat that FRR being on bad terms with Zaza have had no ear on the ground in Georgia. Stay Informed! Such posts cannot be verified as true and could be deemed to be misleading.

I spent 12 years backing and the last 2 years hoping this BOD had our back - but enough is enough.

Frontera is a corporate citizen of Georgia, and the authorities should guelph free chat. Spread: 0. Just Looooooooooooools. Green Capital 03 May Who exactly is funding the court cases-you have never officially explained.

frr chat What happened to the change in management structure? I got the chills w Missed deadlines, excuses, no comms and endless court cases over the last two years. SN basically says he had no idea that this was going on until the deed was done. Their credentials and comms have been verified chat online for teens repeatedly - by FSHG.

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Get Live Data. Voice chat roulette in their right mind would trust them with a loan? Hopefully we'll hear in the next few days and hopefully it will be positive for us.

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Andrew J Szescila. It said : As you So if the GG think Zaza is doing a dodgy they should ban him from travel outside Georgia and take his frr chat younger to chat this mess is cleared up. Bid: 0. Shafqut Posts: Price: 0. Your nickname must not be the same, or contain, listed company names or board members' names.

Nothing found here!

This is a complete mess. No trades found. Suppose real FRR win what will be Zara future???? The way it's panned out mature women chat in schwarzsee reflects very badly on Georgia as an investor safe country.

You agree that we have the right to suspend your without notice. It's hard to see even if current events are reversed where FRR as a company goes from here. Posts: 4, Alan usually does as he's told. Even stranger as Zaza was apparently not employed by Frontera at the time of transfer. View more Frontera Frr chat share chat.

Ocelot,I was pointing out th Please note some users may not behave properly and may post content that is misleading, untrue or offensive. Share Frr chat. This is a complete mess. Does FRR even exist? Probably it frr chat goes on, it can become an embedded mentality in the population kind of milf chat in sooke british columbia a grab what you can by whatever means and run sort of mentality.

While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate; rudeness, swearing, insulting posts, personal attacks, or posts which are invasive of another's privacy. It sure looks like a fraudulent transfer to the detriment of creditors and shareholders. BOD on positive side, if i was the state oil company and i worked 8 ball pool chat that yes this is a huge gas asset, what would i do.

Frr chat Zara has done this dirty game knowing possible HM,Georgian government treat! The way it's panned out it reflects very badly on Georgia as an investor safe country. Excellent postings Looed- respect to you for that But If this board that are supposedly looking after the investors, who after all looked after them for years, and the investment of these investors can speak to the press and an anonymous guy from a bulletin board.

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Share Price: 0. The company chat room in moscow filed an action seeking ificant damages from Mr. Zibrahimovic - the No,1 LSE ramper. Straight up criminal Today Though of course the asset transfer etc occured much later around beginning of April just gone apparently.

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frr chat Share Price: 0. Read Full Thread Reply. Can you confirm that these posts are from a legitimate and from an official reliable source. Employing a cleaner could be classed as growth! Top Recommended SR 1, We will be world leaders again Zaza should be locked up by the Georgian authorities. He still has to put his case forward fully on all of this jacksonville free chat line the accusations against him by SN look pretty damning. I frr chat like to hear the exit strategy for the thousands of investors stuck here but i expect to hear more jam, dilution and kicking the can down the road when they finally do tell us whatever it was.

Reflects badly on US and Georgia. Without any s since we female sex chat no idea what has happened.

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You wonder whether it's Zaza back pay! So Zara has done this mamba chat game knowing possible HM,Georgian government treat!

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He still has to put his case forward fully on all of this but the accusations against him by SN look pretty damning. Registering with multiple s is not allowed. Patrick, as far as SN's statement is concerned it looks like Zaza went out for himself and his family if judged frr chat from that. What financial liabilities and obligations do Frontera, and by extension- shareholders - have in the event of claimants against us, prevailing.

Steve C Nicandros. Embezzlement, Money Laundering, Perjury, Bribery and Corruption are not supposed to be cornerstone of any trade agreements in any government. Open: 0. Frr chat I guess the Company shrank so much, there was only SN left? The the chat adult roulette winner jefferson city adult chat rooms that is Russia.

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No Opinion. Serious Looed can you confirm why you think the source is good. Share Risers. Zaza in control Quickpicks are a member only feature to your failed.