Golden Retriever The Glamorous Smart Dog


Golden Retriever Dog, with the appearance which glamorous and always has been one of cheerful companion dog (humans) most popular in the world. His intelligence has made it easy to breed dogs that are trained to be versatile. Become a friend hunting, leading the blind, help persons with physically disabled until people who are deaf, even become a therapy dog. In addition, this breed also has many achievements in competitions in various fields, such as Field Trials, Working Trials, Agility and Obedience. His beauty also promises success in the Show Ring. But in addition to all the above achievements, the most important for the owner is that the Golden Retriever is the perfect companion dog. With a friendly trait, this dog always wants to please the owner and his family.

golden retriever dogs

As a Working Dog, Golden Retriever breed many used as a tracer prohibited items such as drugs, bombs, etc. Many of them are used as search dogs and helpers of victims in the activities of Search and Rescue (SAR), as in the case of multi-storey buildings collapse caused by the earthquake and by the bomb, as in the case of 911 when the World Trade Center in New York collapsed in the plane was hit by terrorists.

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Golden Retriever height of male dog about 58 cm - 61 cm, measured at the upper end of the withers. While height female dog about 54 cm - 57 cm). The weight for male dogs  29 kg - 34 kg and a female dog around 25 kg - 30 kg.

Golden Retriever coat colors always golden when exposed to light. But the darkness level its color extremely diverse, start from the broken white up to the reddish brown like copper. This breed was originally bred to accompany the birds hunting and other wild fowl. When the prey has been shot and fell, the Golden Retriever will pick up and handed it to his master as a whole. His ability is what causes this breed is called Retriever. Try throwing a ball, then the dog will chase and capture and return it to you.

When running, free motion, smooth, powerful and well coordinated, showing good move. Viewed from any position, legs are not bent rod inside or outside, soles of the feet do not cross each other or colliding. If the speed increases, feet tend to come closer together towards the center of balance.

golden retriever dog

One of the main reasons a person chooses companion dog of a particular breeds, is the correspondence between innate temperament from breeds and temperament and our own lifestyle. Golden Retriever dog is a friendly dog​​, affectionate and very loyal to the owner and his family. Smart, easy to train and always cheerful, making it easy friends with other pets. Breeds who love these children would not get angry even though we did provoke him. He always just wanted to please us and give us happiness in the family. Golden Retriever temperament are also not aggressive towards strangers dog. When the opposite occurs, most of it due to excessive excitement to meet new playmates. But it can be easily controlled, with the programmed workout. With such a temperament, although a Golden Retriever will give a warning when there is a stranger, do not ever expect a Golden Retriever as a guard dog. If you want a guard dog, look for other breeds.

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