A small guide for pet owners – how to deal with a dog

A small guide of a pet owner – how to deal with a dog

Before you decide to buy a dog (or even if you already have one) read this little guide to pet ownership. Our advice will help you to avoid mistakes and problems to fully feel the joy of contact with the dog.

An animal is not a thing – article 1 of the Law on the Protection of Animals

You buy a dog once every ten or so years. On average, they live 12 to 14 years – dwarf dogs, i.e. dachshunds, ratlers, Maltese, miniature poodles and schnauzers, can live 14 to 16 years and beyond.

A dog is a carnivorous creature. Vegetarian diet doesn’t serve him. In cases of illness (for example, liver disorders), you can replace red meat with white meat (beef with poultry or lean veal). Supplements are rice, semolina, noodles, vegetables or vegetables. dry food, bought appropriately for young, mature and older dogs.

Puppies that are a few weeks old and older dogs need the most care, as their natural immunity is running out. You should then contact your veterinarian more often.

Contrary to popular belief, one meal a day is not enough for a dog. Even a mature dog requires two to three portions instead of one full bowl a day. The daily amount of food should be divided into several meals. ATTENTION: The dog must have constant access to clean water.

Teach your dog while playing, rewarding him with treats for every completed command. Punishments, especially physical ones, can cause lasting trauma and aggression. The actual training starts after the dog has completed its first year, before that we should respect the puppy period or simply the dog’s childhood.

A dog can soak in the house for much longer than five or six months – there is nothing strange about that. It is enough to teach a puppy to take care of its needs in one place, for example in the bathroom. It may be useful later in various circumstances (prolonged absence of the owner, his illness, etc.).)

Every dog, whether cross-breed or pedigree, is an individual. Experts say that the most important thing is to find the golden mean between subjugating the dog and giving him full freedom. A dog bred in a friendly environment will never use this freedom against its owner.