5 things you need to know about caring for a dog

5 things you need to know about caring for a dog

There is no doubt that a dog is man’s best friend. However, his presence in the house is not only a pleasure, but also a duty. Here are 5 things you need to know about caring for a dog.

A dog costs

Whether you buy a dog from a registered kennel or adopt from a shelter, you need to know that having a four-legged dog is an expense. And is not limited only to its purchase. The animal needs to be bought food, vaccinated m.in. for rabies, and treat them at the vet’s office in case of health problems. Add to the cost accessories such as toys, treats, carriers, beds, leash, collar, possible training. All this generates bigger and smaller costs. Before you decide to get a furry friend, ask yourself if you can afford it.

Dogs are for life

Dogs live much shorter than humans. Their life expectancy is about 10-13 years. Therefore, adoption or purchase of a pet is a commitment not for a moment, but for several years. When planning to take a dog, you need to consider taking care of it not for a year, but for several or even more years. So consider whether your future plans preclude owning a four-legged dog.

The dog needs to be taught

Puppies, just like children, need someone to teach them basic activities, rules. For the first few days and weeks, a young dog will be housebroken. You are responsible for teaching your dog to be clean in the house and to take care of his physiological needs outside. It is also your responsibility to show him what he can and cannot do and to follow the rules imposed. Four-leggeds tend to be interested in everything, especially at a young age. It may happen that the puppy will bite your shoes, slippers, which for him is no different from a plush toy, or destroy furniture. He does not know that these items are valuable and will not bite them. It is you who has to teach him to bite. The process of training your furry friend requires commitment, patience and above all time. Some animals catch on faster, others need a few weeks to learn the rules.

Dog is not a toy

Some people still treat dogs as toys. They buy a puppy to children as a gift because it is small and cute. Unfortunately, the problem begins when the dog bites and destroys objects, and there is no one to leave it with on vacation. Sometimes they are surrendered to a shelter or given to another family. A dog is not a toy, but a living creature. He needs care, providing basic needs. This is a huge responsibility!

A dog needs exercise

Going out with the dog for a walk to satisfy physiological needs is not everything. These quadrupeds also need daily exercise. Some breeds need more activity, others less. At least one walk a day should be 30 minutes long to give your furry friend a good run. So when thinking about taking in a pet, consider whether you are sure you have time for both training and playing and going out with your dog.