FINN DOG – basic information

FINN DOG – basic information

The Finnish Gentian is one of the most popular working breeds in Finland. It is called there suomenajokoira. Short-haired hounds for hunting in warmer weather have been bred in this country since at least the 18th century.

This breed was bred by a Finnish golden retriever named Tammelin, mixing the blood of German, Swiss, English and Scandinavian hounds. Used for hunting foxes hares, moose and lynx. Outside its home country it is rather little known.

Weight: 20-25 kg
Height: 56-63 cm

Thick, dense, medium-length, black-furred coat with white markings on head, neck, chest, paws and tail end

He is a gentle but stubborn dog and has a strong hunting instinct. Although it can be kept indoors outside of the hunting season, it is purchased primarily for its hunting talents rather than as a companion dog. Needs a lot of exercise, therefore not suitable for the city. Early socialization and consistent parenting is necessary to eliminate possible barking problems, which can be disruptive.


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Photo: Finnish Hunting Dog, Arto Alanenpää, GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2