Golden retriever – standard

Golden retriever – standard

Purpose: Hunting dog
FCI classification:
Group 8 – Fetchers, skidders, and lead dogs.
Section 1 – Fetchers.

General appearance: Harmonious, well balanced, active, strong, harmonious in movement; robust with gentle expression.

Behavioural character: Obedient, intelligent; has an innate ability to work; gentle, friendly and confident.

Head: Balanced and well sculpted.
Skull: Broad, but to an extent that does not deprive it of nobility; well set on the neck.
Foot: Well defined.
Visceral Skull:
Nose: Black is desirable.
Muzzle: Strong, broad and deep. The length of the muzzle is approximately equal to the length of the skull measured from the foot to the occipital bump.
Jaws/teeth: Strong, with perfect, regular and accurate scissor bite, i.e. upper incisors cover lower incisors and are in close contact with them and are set perpendicularly to jaws.

Eyes: Dark brown, quite wide-set, in a dark frame.

Ears: Medium-sized, set at about eye level.

Neck: Good length, dry (without jowls) and muscular.

Body: Balanced.
Back: Straight, horizontal.
Loins: Strong, muscular and short.
Chest: deep. Ribs far overlapping, well arched.

Tail: Set on and carried level with back, reaching hock, should not curl at end.

Forelegs: Straight, with strong bone.
Shoulders: Long, obliquely set.
Shoulders: The same length as the shoulder blades; so that the limbs are well set under the body.
Elbows: Adjacent.
Back: Strong and muscular.
Knee joints: Well angulated.
Shanks: Strong.
Hocks: Low set, seen from behind straight, not twisted inwards or outwards. Cow stance highly undesirable.
Paws: Round, feline

Gait: Strong, energetic. Limbs, seen from the front and from behind, straight. Long and relaxed stride, without tendency of forelegs to so called "stance". „hackney’a”.

Hair Coat:
Hair: Straight or wavy with good „feathers”, with dense, waterproof undercoat.
Colouration: Any shade of gold or cream, never red or mahogany. Acceptable small white markings on the forechest.

Height at withers:
Dogs 56 – 61 cm (22 – 24 inches);
Females 51 – 56 cm (20 – 22 inches);

FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing pattern should be considered a downgrading fault according to its severity and effect on health and welfare.

Any dog clearly showing abnormalities, either mental or physical, should be disqualified.

Note: Males must have two, properly formed testicles completely placed in the scrotal sac.