How to be an excellent guardian of your dog

How to be an excellent guardian of your dog?

How to be an excellent guardian of your dog? If your puppy has chewed all the shoes in the house and happens to behave aggressively, he needs a thorough upbringing. Well-known British behaviourist Gwen Bailey has come to the rescue of owners of wayward puppies.

Gwen Bailey presents in an accessible and rational way methods of raising a balanced family dog. Explains how to gently, but understandably for the puppy, gain the authority of the guide, how to teach the dog to clean, familiarize with children and pets and how to solve the most common problems. The book is the quintessence of what the author has learned from working with difficult dogs, as well as from teaching in doggie daycare centers and watching wayward puppies transform into happy and well-mannered adult dogs.

The perfect puppy is a book for those who already have or are thinking of getting a puppy, and want to raise it to be a happy and always well-behaved dog. Based on recent research, the author argues that it is far more effective to prevent problems than to fight them.

The book is recommended by Jacek Galuszka, behaviorist, trainer and author of guides to dog training: „This book is a classic that has raised generations of excellent puppies. I use a lot of the advice in this book in my doggy daycare classes and I can confirm that it is still relevant since the publication of the first edition. This is what happens with really good books".

This is a well-researched and reliable book that should be in every dog owner’s and trainer’s bookcase.

About the author:

Gwen Bailey – was head of animal behaviour at Blue Cross, one of the largest pro-animal organisations in the UK, for many years and chair of the British Association of Behavioural Consultants for 15 years. She is a well-respected trainer and author of many books on raising and training dogs.