Like breed like dog… – 2

What breeding such a dog… – 2

Buying a dog –at least those breeds that I breed –is to be associated with a four-legged friend at least not 12 and maybe 15 years, so the source from which we buy a dog must be the best possible. Here are some important rules to follow when choosing a kennel, which I, as not only a breeder but also a buyer of dogs, follow.

This is a kind of decalogue, which I encourage you to read:

1. Nothing on black.
The kennel must be legal, that is registered in FCI (Polish Kennel Club) and its owners must have paid membership fees. Make sure the litter is legal. Today no one has the right to sell dogs with pedigree and once without. It is not true that only some dogs from a litter receive pedigrees! It’s not true that a pedigree is just a piece of paper! Pedigree shows that the kennel is legal and the breeder made every effort to raise puppies in accordance with applicable Polish cynological laws.
A good breeder will also sign a puppy purchase agreement with the buyer.

2. A kennel is not a state farm.
I think that in a home kennel there’s no room for more than 10-12 dogs. This is how much the owner and breeder is able to devote time and care for. Breeding dogs is not like breeding cows, which you herd out into a meadow where they take care of themselves, chewing the grass and shaking their heads. Dogs need a relationship with humans, time together and even touch. Otherwise they languish.

3. Socialization at the right level.
Having too many dogs the breeder is not able to make an effort to raise and socialize them all properly. Although the number of dogs in the kennel does not necessarily indicate their level of socialization – there are small home kennels, where dogs through ignorance of the owners are not taught anything –and leaving the kennel are timid, aggressive, unadapted to life in the family. Such dogs are afraid of sounds of everyday life. The vacuum cleaner is the worst enemy. Loud music, or the sound of television cause stress. When looking for the right kennel, make sure that the dogs leaving the kennel are properly socialized. This can be seen with the naked eye if you ask yourself questions while observing the puppy:
– Is the dog cheerful?
– Does he give the impression of being happy?
– Is the dog trustful towards me?
– Does the dog react with joy to human touch?
– Is my puppy accompanied by other puppies?
– Does the mother stay with the kittens?

If the answers are always YES –consider it a green light if you answered NO three times –you should consider not buying a dog from this kennel.

4. First of all dogs health.
Do not hesitate –Especially for breeds burdened with some hereditary diseases (e.g. cavaliers) –demand from the breeder evidence of testing their dogs for them. You can ask for an opinion on. Ask for the puppies’ mother’s health book, where there should be information on. course of pregnancy, birth and general health of the bitch. Carefully read the breeding inspection card (litter receipt), which should contain information on. the health of the whole litter and the bitch.

5. The condition is also important.
I feel sorry for dogs that I sometimes meet at dog shows. Lots of medals, cups, and not a single tiny muscle under the skin. This proves that the dog has no time or opportunity to run around the garden, play, swim and more ‘dog attractions’. Beware of such kennels!

6. Dog shows are not everything.
For me from show achievements –although these are very important –it is more important to live quietly with your dog every day. Pay attention to it. Life with a dog is not only a ring, but also everyday life, joys and sorrows and a breeder should be able to talk about them. The star of the ring must also learn basic commands and behavior among people.

7. Learning does not go in the forest.
Receiving my youngest bitch from the kennel I was surprised very positively. She has only had a few mishaps after arriving home and while learning to be clean, which you can (really!) count on the fingers of one hand! It proves how much work the breeder put into teaching the dog the basic rules of cleanliness.
Watch carefully how the dogs behave. Do they jump on people, are crazy, to the point of feral, untamed –these are symptoms of lack of even basic training. I would not recommend such a dog to anyone.

8. Youth without limits.
A good kennel will not allow itself to breed dogs too young. And although kynological law allows a bitch to become licensed before she is 2 years old, a wise breeder will know if she is mature enough to be a mother.

9. Old age is a joy.
A good kennel doesn’t treat dogs as objects. There they do not put to sleep and throw away those that have finished giving birth. They live to a happy canine old age by the side of their master, to whom they were faithful. This is an important feature of a good kennel! In such places you will often find even adopted dogs, because for breeders is important the welfare of animals and not their estimated value.

10. Tele- and e-service non-stop.
If the breeder of the puppy you want to buy shows impatience and does not want to answer your questions about the breed –do not buy a dog from him! A man who is devoted to his dogs will be available to people who buy dogs from him all the time, will share his experience and knowledge and will take the dog back if necessary.