The illustrated encyclopedia of pedigreed dogs

The illustrated encyclopedia of pedigree dogs

The book features more than 330 dog breeds recognized by the International Kennel Federation (FCI), and with each breed, a description of its history, appearance, typical character traits, and favorite activities. This information – extremely valuable for owners and all those who professionally spend time with dogs – is supplemented by advice on the most common diseases, grooming and optimal living conditions for four-legged dogs.

A separate and extremely interesting part is the introduction, prepared especially for the Polish edition of the album by experts from the monthly magazine „My Dog", In which it was described:

how to choose well a dog that suits the character and lifestyle of its owner,

how to interpret various canine behaviors,

how to raise your pet,

how to train it and what sports it should do,

how to take care of it and its health, as well as plenty of other information.